10 Best Hiking Boots Under $100– Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Best Hiking Boots Under $100

Hiking is a great way to keep fit, experience nature, and clear your mind from long days at the office. However, hiking with the wrong boots will lead to the development of blisters, make your feet swell, and cause so much pain. A good pair of hiking boots protect your feet and your ankles and […]

10 Best Outdoor Watches Under $100 – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Best Outdoor Watches Under $100

While you are enjoying any outdoor activities, you want to ensure that all your equipment comes with the proper build to last through harsher use. This means that your clothes, sleeping bags, watches, and gear for fishing or hiking are durable and won’t get damaged. Outdoor activities often put your stuff through much harder conditions […]

10 Best Waterproof Tents on the Market- Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Best Waterproof Tent on the Market

When water gets inside your tent, it always leads to an unpleasant camping trip. When I was a kid, the first time my family went camping, it was constantly raining. I remember a stream of water flowing in- straight onto my sleeping bag! We spent the entire trip drying our clothes and cleaning out the […]

10 Best Saltwater Fishing Pliers – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Best Saltwater Fishing Pliers

Are you looking for the best saltwater fishing pliers? Saltwater fishing pliers are used in saltwater fishing, but can also be used in freshwater fishing. The reasoning behind why some pliers are meant more for saltwater fishing is the added detail in corrosion resistance. Because saltwater can corrode your metal gear faster than freshwater, it […]

10 Best Closed Face Reels – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Best Closed Face Reel

A closed face reel is the choice some fishermen make over an open face reel because of the ease of casting the line with a button instead of having an exposed line that requires guiding the line with your finger while casting. A closed face fishing reel is commonly less expensive than an open face […]

10 Best Gloves For Fishing – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

best gloves for fishing

In the past, I never thought wearing gloves while fishing was appealing. I would laugh at the old yellow gloves my uncle wore before heading into the deep waters for a fishing expedition. See, when you only hunt tilapia for your table and fish a few times every year, you may never understand why you […]

10 Best Ultralight Fishing Rods – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Best Ultralight Fishing Rods

Offshore fishing is a fun, quick way to get a couple of good fish just from dropping in a line. There is no need for lots of gear and gadgets for offshore fishing. It can be frustrating having a large rod that just seems to weigh you down wherever you decide to fish. This is […]

10 Best Electric Fish Fillet Knives-Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

The Best Electric Fish Fillet Knives

There is nothing quite like have a successful day of fishing on the lake. However, catching a large number of fish can take a lot of man-power to fillet. When I don’t have time to manually fillet all my fish, I turn to electric fish fillet knives. When I can’t wait to get the fish […]