10 Best Baitcaster Combos Under $100 – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Best Baitcaster Combos under $100

We always find a relaxing and adventurous experience while fishing. However, to be a great fisherman, you must attain the virtue of planning and patience. When it comes to planning, it’s significant to identify the right tools that can help you in your endeavors. A right fishing tool is composed of a reel and a rod. Thanks to technology, firms have come up with ways to merge both components to form a baitcaster combo.

It is a challenging task to come up with the best budget baitcaster combo. However, in this article, I have narrowed down the best baitcasters combos under $100. Products I have come up with are based on the quality, price, and significant features that constitute the item. The features include gear ratio, number of bearings, line capacity, max drag, and the reel weight. These components are what define the performance, strength, comfort, and durability of the product.

Our picks:  The Best Baitcaster Combos Under 100

Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo

Zebco Medium Power Rod Quantum KVD Team Combo

Lews American Hero Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

Berkley Big Game Baitcast Combo

Tailored Tackle Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Baitcasting Combo

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Sougayilang Baitcasting Fishing Rod with Reel Combos

Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo

Sougayilang Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Fishing Rod and Spinning Reel Combo

Best Baitcaster Combos Under 100 Compared

10 Best Baitcaster Combos Under $100 Reviewed


You can easily carry the device due to its lightweight nature

The rod is entirely made with Graphite

It can last for a long time without breaking down

The device is straightforward to use

Are you in search of a unique, easy to use, and comfort baitcaster rod and reel combo? The Stik Elite model is among the top-notch baitcaster in the planet. The device is incorporated with durable and robust GX2 rods. For superior effectiveness, the rods are made built with Graphite to provide a featherlike weight. Cork handles present at the rods offer the user with exceptional comfort and grip while fishing. Besides convenience, the cork handles also enhances the durability and longevity of the product.

The Graphite designed rod offers you a comfy experience, and you don’t have to strain while enjoying your hobby. Sounds fun right? Efficiency is enhanced by the presence of Ugly Stik tip: thus, improving the performance of the baitcaster. This device reel frame is designed with Graphite to reduce its weight, making it easy to use the machine. For perfect casting, the combo is fortified with a modifiable magnetic cast system.


  • It’s the best when it comes to extensive casting eras
  • It has an extreme light weight
  • Easy to use
  • It can go for many years without the need for replacement
  • Provides extra strength and responsiveness
  • It has a comfortable and smooth handle
  • Can be used in both salty and freshwaters


  • It is difficult to assemble the rods
  • It’s not endorsed for trainees


Its frame is made of Graphite

Continuous anti-reverse gears

3 ball bearings

6.6-inch rod built of graphite

Dynamic magnetic cast

The Zebco bait-cast features lovely casting features. The reel and rods are made of high quality products, boosting the longevity, sensitivity and power of the device. The frames are built with Graphite: thus, improving the lifespan of the product. For efficiency, the ball bearings are hewed from rust-free steel, improving the operations efficiency and making it reliable.

It also features a dynamic magnetic braking system that assist in enhancing effective operations during fishing. This plays a massive part in making the process easy by reducing the chances of backlashing. If you want to know how to fish, then you can use this item as a teaching guide. For smooth performance, Zebco is equipped with 3 ball bearings with a 6:1:1 gear ratio. Existence of continuous anti-reverse features and magnetic cast controls improves its efficiency and makes it easy for beginners to use the product.


  • It has a smooth and a reliable reel
  • The machine has a long-lasting durability
  • Smooth performance
  • Reliable and is suitable for beginners
  • Conveys a decent hook
  • Lightweight and sleek design


  • Its only meant for right handed people
  • Sometimes products break easily
  • Operators may find it stiff while fishing


The reel handle is coated with EVA grip

The rod is built with lightweight and sensitive graphite blank

It has an adjustable tension knob

It has 5 ball bearings

Its reel is made of aluminum spool and Graphite

This is another gem in the market that works as publicized. It comes with an easy and quick set up which lasts for seconds. The reel of this item is made of a durable aluminum spool and featherweight graphite. Lews American Hero has 5 ball bearings sheltered from harsh surroundings, thanks to the double shield surrounding them.

It is also equipped with an adjustable Rulon Dragging force that provides a power dragging force of more than 7.2 ounces. Unlike other equipment, the laser MG has its handles built of solid Ethylene-vinyl acetate. This material enhances grip and also prevents hands from slipping off while fishing. Hence, offering you with a smooth experience while fishing. The reel is also equipped with a low profile frame, an upgrade of the other models.

What makes this a unique gem is the availability of different combinations of rods and reels. Hence, if you are in search of the best baitcaster combo under 100 dollar with different techniques of fishing, you have to go with Lew’s American Hero.


  • The design between the rod and reel is magnificent
  • It offers a smooth and quiet operation
  • Comes in a lightweight and compact design
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Lightweight design
  • Can be used in salty water bodies


  • Difficult to set up
  • It’s only suitable for pros


Durability is enhanced with the presence of ever last bail

It has an aluminum spool

1 roller + 6 ball bearings

Feather like weight

Are you in search of an efficient, smooth, and a caster that has an attractive price? If your answer is yes, then you have to consider Berkley Big Game. It is designed with a flimsy graphite material that gives the item a durable and eye-catching nature. Furthermore, this design enables the product to last for many years with no or less maintenance.

To make sure the machine runs smoothly and efficiently, it has a 6 ball bearing incorporated with a roller. To make sure longevity is attained, the device contains an aluminum built spool: hence, ensuring strength is achieved. Also, the product is built with a gear ratio of 5:1:1 making it fit for crankbait fishing. Apart from aluminum and Graphite construction, the product is embedded with stainless-steel bearing for strength and durability.


  • Its rod is capable of withstanding big weight fish
  • It has a stiff and robust rod.
  • It offers high performance
  • It has a sleek and eye-catching look
  • It has a decent and smooth reel


  • At times the rod tip breaks off
  • The reel rends to be noisy at times


It is equipped with an anti-reverse system

The reel has 7 ball bearings with a drag rate of 18Lb

The rod is 7t long

It has a sensitive tip

It contains a brake system

It has a pop-off design on the spool

Purchasing this combo will help you save on time and also price. Furthermore, this device is entirely made to assist you in fishing large fish of all species. Sensitivity and length of the rod is designed in accordance to the largemouth bass. However, being a heavy-duty device, it comes with a slightly massive 7ft long rod. Besides that, the rod is built with fast action sensitivity system: thus, efficient for catching large fish.

If you love travelling or making adventurous trips, then you should purchase the Tailor Tackle bass. This is because it comes with a two-piece rod, easing its portability. The reel is made efficient for fast retrieving of fish by the presence of a 7 ball bearings and 6:3:1ratio.

Have you ever accidentally caught rat nests and tangles while fishing? If you have, then you know the frustrations that are followed after realizing what you just found. However, such mistakes are bound to happen while fishing. To easily tackle them, this device has a pop-off design at the spool for effectively removing such traps.

For advanced effectiveness, the machine has a magnetic braking system that helps you reduce the lines speed rate. In addition, the reel is incorporated with a power drag rate of 18Lb.


  • Can be used to catch large fish
  • Can easily pull off rat nest and tangles
  • It has a high sensitivity
  • It has the best fishing rod and reel combo for the money
  • You can latch large-fish of all species
  • It is a heavy-duty product


  • The model is for right-handed people only
  • It’s engineered for largemouth bass fish only


It is built of IM6 Graphite

Rod is incorporated with rust-free steel rings Zirconium Oxide rings

Comes in two designs

The whole structure is constructed with high-quality materials

The rod is easy to carry around

The Crixus comes in two models, for the right-handed angles and left-handed angles. The rod and the reel are composed of durable, robust, and high-quality materials making it a worth buying commodity. The product comes with two rods of different lengths, 5.6-inch, and the 6.6-inch. The latter gives out a medium power perspective, while the other offers medium heavy. Furthermore, the two pieces of rods make it easy for people to carry the rod around without stressing them.

Also, portability, strength, and lightness are attained by the IM6 Graphite used in the construction of the product. Besides that, the rod is tailored with 0-stainless steel rings that improve the efficiency and also durability of the product. Also, this adds the lifetime of the reel hence you don’t have to go back to the shop to purchase a new reel.

The Crixus has a magnetic braking system that controls overruns and backlashes. Presence of 6 ball bearings offers a smooth fishing moment to the user. Furthermore, the 6:5:1 gear ratio provides additional sensitivity and fast-acting.


  • It comes with cheap rod and reel combos
  • You can easily afford the product
  • It comes in two designs hence suitable for both left and right-handed people
  • The rods are highly sensitive and light
  • Comes with two rods
  • The reel offers a comfortable and smooth working area
  • The product can be easily stored and carried easily


  • It’s typically used for bass fishing
  • Tip may break


Reel seats are built of Graphite

It has rubber grips

Reel are reinforced with brass

It is portable

It has strong guidelines

The product comes as a complete set of the fishing rod, reel, lures, fishing line, and a bag. However, this product is used to cast trout’s, bass, and salmons. The best part of purchasing this baitcaster is that it comes equipped with three different sized rods 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft rods. The rod is built with strong, sensitive, lightweight, sensitive and durable carbon fiber.

For easy carrying, the rod can be broken down in two pieces. Also, for free line flows, the rod is incorporated with ceramic lines for advanced efficiency. Durability is also achieved by the presence of graphite steel and 0-Ring line guides. Smooth operation is also attained by the presence of 1o ball bearings ad 7:0:1 gear ratio. Besides that, the reel is infused with an adjustable magnetic brake system. The product also features a rubber cork handle providing additional comfort and grip.


  • It can be transported from one place to the other in ease
  • It has a long-lasting and sensitive rod
  • It comes with a spare tip
  • It’s suitable for right and left-handed people
  • It comes with a 12 month warranty
  • It has a reliable reel


  • The warranty doesn’t favor people who fish occasionally
  • Clients have complained of tips breakage


It has a featherlike weight

It features a rocket clutch

It has a 6:4:1 gear ratio with 5 ball bearings

Its frame is built of graphite while its side plates are constructed with aluminum

Uses standard Abu Garcia Magtrax braking system

The Abu Garcia Combo is among the best baitcaster combo under 100 dollar price. This product is built with graphite frames hence giving it a lightweight feature: thus, making it easy to use the device. Besides that, the side plates, handles, and spool are constructed with aluminum, enhancing product durability and longevity.

To make it a unique product, the Silver Max Combo is equipped with a rocket clutch that enables one to cast using one hand. This is achieved by pressing a button that is located at the reel. Hence, you can easily take your drinks while casting.

For smooth operations, the product is equipped with 6 ball bearings and 6:4:1 gear ratio. Furthermore, the product is equipped with a Magtraxx braking system. Besides that, it has an Abu Garcia Disk System that takes full control of the drag. The drag offers an efficient and smooth casting.

If you want to start casting, then you can think of purchasing his reel. It provides you enough confidence due to its high performance.


  • The comfortable and secure grip offered by EVA handles
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Easy for one-hand operation
  • Beginners can use the product easily
  • It can last for long without replacement


  • The reel gets loose after frequent use


It has a handle built with high-density EVA grip

The rod is built of E-Glass and carbon fiber

The reel is built with CNC machined aluminum spool

Three stainless steel guides

Gear ratio of 5:2:1 and 14 ball bearings

The Sougayilang Telescopic Travel Combo is made of high-quality products: thus, giving you excellent value for your money. The product is built with E-Glass composite and 24 ton carbon fiber enhancing sensitivity and power. For a smooth line flow, this equipment comes with guides of O-Ring making it efficient and increasing its length casting. If you are in the outlook for a potent combo that is ideal for catching all sizes of fish, then you have to go with this equipment. The device is perfectly balanced and lightweight to reduce fatigue while casting.

The coil is also designed to weigh lightly for efficiency. The reel has 14 stainless steel double shielded ball bearings. For power, the reel has a gear ratio of 5:2:1 enhancing smoothness and efficiency. The handle is built with high density EVA grips to give the angler comfort and grip. Besides that, the reel is engineered with CNC aluminum to increase its longevity. All these traits enhance the speed and smoothness of the machines while casting. Thanks to the unique reel design, this machine can be used by both ambidextrous and southpaws.

 At an attractive price, you get a very reliable, lightweight, and excellent casting experience if you purchase this product.


  • It can be used in both salty and freshwaters
  • Suitable and reliable for small fish
  • Lightweight design
  • It has value for your money
  • Carbon fiber improves the durability of the product
  • Excellent for all people


  • It has zero fishing line guides
  • Can’t be used by beginners


Three ball bearings

Handle have lightweight EVA grips

Lightweight GX2 Rod

Rod is built with fiberglass and graphite

Rod guides are built with stainless steel

This is an excellent choice if you want a budget-friendly device. It comes with the lightest Ugly stik GX2 spinning rod that you can find in the market. However, don’t look at the lightweight and assume that the rod is weak. The GX2 is among the top rods with superior toughness and robustness.

Superb sensitivity and balance of the rod are attained by the fiberglass and graphite used in building the rod. The rods guides are made of Eva foam grips and stainless steel, enhancing grip and comfort. Talking about the reel , it has a three ball bearings to provide smooth and comfortable operations while fishing. The reel is composed of an aluminum handle, frame built of graphite, and an adjustable braking system. The size of the rod and the gear ratio makes this gem a unique and excellent device for amateurs and beginners.


  • It has a featherlike weight
  • The precise tip provides the equipment with advanced sensitivity and strength
  • It has a long life span
  • It has value for money
  • Suitable for both small and large fish


  • Customers complain of the reel at times
  • Not suitable for left-handed people

Buying Guide For A Baitcaster Combo

There are several items you can check if you want to purchase a combo either of leisure, adventure, or replacement. Hence, before you think of purchasing, you must understand how the baitcaster operates. In the process, you get to know the right features that can make a small difference.

A baistcaster is highly recommended for people who want to traverse from spinning setup to using a reel and a rod. However, purchasing a reel and a rod might be expensive and time-consuming: hence, we prefer that you venture into using a baitcaster combo.

However, if you don’t have that much cash to purchase a modern baitcaster, you can buy a high-quality caster for less than $100. Furthermore, you will save on money at the same time purchase a hg performance and quality equipment.

The baitcasting differs from the spinning reel or open-face due to the presence of spindle and rod. These two components provide an efficient grip making the baitcasting the best device to use while casting. However, switching to using baitcaster can tend to be tedious and stressful at times. Many will opt to give up and go back to spinning reel. When you adapt to using the baistcaster, you find that it’s more efficient and also comfortable compared to other forms. Furthermore, it will be easier and faster to cast both small and large fish while using these casters.

While purchasing a baitcaster, it’s essential to look for various features that make this equipment worthy and valuable: hence, we have come up with a shortlist to assist you in solving this puzzle.

A baitcasting combo for fishing


When purchasing the right combo, you must check on the correct gear ratio. Gear ratio affects the reel’s speed: hence, it’s suitable if you understand the right kind of rate for efficiency. If you are in the outlook for an effective baitcaster, it’s appropriate to search for one with an average gear ratio. The average gear ratio is efficient and suitable for both pros and amateurs or beginners. To start with, we recommend that you get yourself a 6:4:1 gear ratio. However, there are also other suitable ratios in the market, but this is the best when it comes to efficiency.

If you are in search of high speed and powerful baitcaster, you can opt for a 7:1 ratio. Besides that, equipment with this kind of gear ratio is suitable for other various applications. For a slower speed, you can decide to go for a 5.4.1 gear ratio.

Ball Bearing

Without this feature, all combos would not have the term smooth in them. They are located at the spinning reels and also other parts that need to rotate. Ball bearings help eradicate friction making life more comfortable and relaxing.

However, the quality of ball bearings depends on the hardness, preciseness, and roundness of its components. For a ball bearing to be termed as a high-quality product, it must attain the ABEX standards.

Currently, most ball bearings are constructed with stainless steel. This is because of the preciseness that they bring out. Nevertheless, companies are venturing into using ceramic-coated bearings as they are much lighter than stainless steel.


Baitcasting combos vary in different sizes-small, medium, and large. However, the size of the equipment plays a massive role in the effectiveness of the product. Every format has its pros and cons. It all depends on what you need and what you plan to cast.

Small-sized casters have a very lightweight, and at the same time, they are easy to throw. However, if you are in search for toughness, this kind of devices won’t be useful. Hence, you must opt to have a large-sized caster if you want robust equipment. Furthermore, large-sized casters are essential if you’re going to cast out large fish.


Rods and reel combos frame are mostly made of graphite and aluminum. If you want a cheap and light option you can opt for the graphite.

However, lightness is not all what you look for when purchasing the best baitcasting combo. You must also check the quality, durability and longevity. There is no need to buy a product, and then you go back to the market after some time.

Aluminum frames provide you with the best lifespan products. Also, structures made from aluminum resist wear, and also they are too cheap, although expensive compared to graphite.


Nobody wants to purchase a combo that is uncomfortable and has no grip. Everybody wants something that doesn’t slide off your arms and, at the same time, gives you a relaxing and adventurous time. Furthermore, having a comfortable experience increases your performance level and efficiency.

Hence, to have a comfortable grip, we highly applaud that you purchase a caster with rubber handles. The grip and softness quality endorsed by rubber handles is something to crave for.

However, there are still some other factors to check out when buying combos. It is essential if you check first on the comfort of the device since you don’t want to choose something that will always stress you out. Remember, fishing is one way of relaxing and also having fun.


Secondly, check on the material quality of the equipment. Although we are talking of cheap combos, there are still some cheap combos that can go for generations without wearing off. Hence, its better you purchase products certified by relevant bodies and built of aluminum and stainless steel. 


What material is best suited for reel and rod?

Ans: Stainless steel enhances the durability and longevity of the product. Hence, this is the best material to use if you want to fish in salty waters. However, for sensitivity, we prefer fiberglass. This material brings out a unique lightweight feature and also makes the rod and reel tough. If you want to go for a featherlike weight, then you can opt to go for graphite rods.

What is the best weight for any baitcaster combo?

Ans: Weight depends on what fish you want to cast out. Furthermore, if you’re going to check on weight, you must ensure that the rod and the reel weight correspond with each other.

Which is the best type of magnetic brak for a baitcaster combo?

Ans: Baitcasters comes with either a magnetic, dual, or centrifugal braking system. However, we prefer the magnetic brake system due to its effectiveness and responsiveness. But if you are an expert in using baitcasters, then you can opt for a centrifugal brake system.


You need to add more funds more if you are in search of a high-quality product worth $100 and below. However, if you are in search of a high-quality product with a great value of our money, you have to go with the Abu Garcia Max Combo. The reason why I’m recommending this product is the fact that it is well equipped, and it has a smooth and efficient operating system. Furthermore, the product is also suitable for beginners and experts.

If you want to go for a cheap bait caster then you can opt for the Ugly Stik Elite. Not only is it cheap, but it is also, made with quality products. Furthermore, the product can go for months and years without breaking down.

Berkley Big game, is the product to go for if you are looking for the value of money. Besides that, the product is made of flimsy graphite that enhances its attractiveness natures. The construction is also built in a unique way to offer durability and strength, making it a unique gem.

However, while purchasing any baitcasting combo, you have to look out for the best quality and power-efficient combos. The above list, we have analyzed the best baitcaster combos under $100 available in the market that you can buy at an attractive prize at the same time maintaining quality level. It’s your choice to pick one that suits your needs. That is if you want to pick the perfect baitcaster for you, identify the place you are going fishing, and also the type and size of fish you want to cast. Good luck.

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