10 Best Headlamps For Fishing – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

best headlamp for fishing

Getting up for those early mornings of fishing and cursing to find a bite or two is exciting and exhilarating. The only problem is that it can be pitch dark outside when the fish are biting the best. Headlamps are an easy way to be able to fish and enjoy the early mornings or late nights fishing with minimal hassle. They allow you to have total hands-free control of your fishing rod and offer the perfect light source for when you are trying to thread your hook

The best headlamps for fishing are going to have several different settings, be powerful, and also have several light options. All of these factors are important and can help you attract more fish to your hook. I love being able to get up early and being able to rely on a long-lasting headlamp that will get me through the dark mornings. Headlamps have truly changed the way I fish for the better. We have reviewed 10 of the best fishing headlamps on the market and created a comprehensive buying guide so you can make the right choice for you and your fishing lifestyle.

What Are The Best Headlamps For Fishing?

  • Ever Brite 2-pack HeadLamp

  • Vichelo V80 Headlamp With Red and White Lights

  • Revenant Super Bright LED Headlamp

  • LuxoLite Headlamp with Red Light

  • Blitzu Headlamp Flashlight

  • Boruit LED Headlamp Ultra Bright 5000 Lumens

  • Totobay Ultra Bright 3 LED Headlamp

  • Best Sun 2000 Lumen 5 Modes Fishing Headlamp

  • Herobeam Fishing Headlamp

  • Odear Lie Wang Fishing Headlamp

10 Best Headlamps for Fishing Review

Key features:

  • 8 Strong LED lights for over 100,000 hours of light uptime
  • Several brightness levels, using different amounts of lights
  • Adjustable and stretchy head strap for long-lasting wear, comfortable for 5+ hours
  • Simple design, no charging cords just battery powered
  • Rotating light can adjust to the depth and angle you want, can move up to 90 degrees

These batteries powered, bright LED headlamps come in a 2 for 1 deal that is convenient for you and a partner to use. The Ever Brite 2-Pack headlamps are our best-budget choice pick. The LED headlamp is powered by 6 AAA batteries and the lifetime is over 100,000 hours of shine time. Adjusting to your lifestyle, these fishing headlights can be swiveled to a 90-degree angle when needed.

Featuring an ergonomic design, the straps are conveniently placed for long hours of head comfort while fishing, you won’t get headaches but it will stay secure. There is a strap that not only goes around the side of your head but over the top as well. This way, you can ensure that it won’t be falling. It fits the way your body moves and needs. This fishing headlamp features 4 various modes that can be switched through. There are 3 different brightness options and an additional strobe option. This reliable 8 LED headlight is budget-friendly, and you get two for the price of one.


  • 2 for 1 deal, very budget-friendly and affordable
  • Adjustable strap that can fit both children and adults
  • Ergonomically designed strap for lots of comfort for the duration of wear
  • 4 different lighting modes include 3 brightness and 1 strobe mode
  • 90-degree rotation for easy viewing and convenience


  • Battery-powered can be difficult to forget batteries and is expensive
  • Not waterproof, could be damaged if accidentally dropped in water

Key Features:

  • Can see up to 100 meters distance
  • Efficient battery life, 3 AA batteries last up to 1200 hours of light time
  • Two different light settings, red and white light with 2 separate buttons
  • Stretchy elastic headband for a comfortable fit, also soft pad located at the back of the light for no sweaty mess
  • Waterproof design won’t be ruined from accidentally falling in the water

This adjustable fishing headlamp allows you to see comfortably and confidently. One of my favorite features is the soft pad that is located behind the lamp. I hate when my head gets all sticky and sweaty and this soft pad helps prevent slippage and forehead sweat when wearing this lamp for hours. Also, this headlamp features a one-band head strap that goes around your head and is adjustable to your liking.

Another amazing feature is the convenient choice between red and white light. This is perfect for making sure that others can see you at a distance when fishing. One feature that I try to look for in a head lamp especially for fishing is that it is waterproof. Although you may not plan on having your lamp fall in the water, if it does it is nice to know that you aren’t out a chunk of change. Additionally, this is for your safety as well. If it is dark and you are caught with a wet, dead lamp in the middle of no where, this can be terrifying and life threatening as well.


  • Waterproof design is durable through any kind of weather or accidents
  • Soft pad located behind the light, helps prevent sweat and slippage after hours of continuous use
  • Two different color light options, great for being seen in the dark in your boat at night
  • Uses only 3 AAA batteries, lasts for 1200 hours and the light stays strong at 800 lumens


  • No over the head strap, could cause issue with slippage and staying on your head
  • Difficult to access on or off button, especially with bare hands

Key Features:

  • 5000 lumens for a super bright LED view that goes up to 250 yards even when pitch dark, lifespan is up to 100,000
  • Rechargeable battery is much more cost effective
  • 3 light configuration, center light can be adjusted to a 90-degree angle and all lights feature 4 modes of brightness including a strobe setting
  • Waterproof, safe if submerged in shallow waters

The Revenant Super Bright LED headlamp won’t leave you in the dark for a moment. It has 5000 lumens of bright power and features convenient rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to remember to buy new ones. This head lamp is a great choice for fishing because the head band is designed to stay on your head and prevents slippage. There is a strap that goes around your head and over the top for maximum comfort.

This light is also ideal for fishing because the center light of the 3 can adjust to a 90-degree angle. This way, you can see the water without having to crank your neck down each time. The design of this headlamp is a bit bulkier but it comes with lots of power for 3 to 8 hours of light on a fully charged battery.


  • One of the brightest headlamps on the market, up to 5000 lumens and 250 feet of light
  • Rechargeable batteries are cost effective
  • Waterproof, great for fishing in case the light falls off in shallow water


  • Very heavy with the 3 light design

Key Features:

  • Two separate Red and White light buttons, no need for fussing with several modes on one button
  • Very lightweight, only weighs 3 ounces
  • 360-foot light range for a far reaching view even in absolutely pitch black nights
  • Adjustable swivel for a 70-degree angle when fishing on the water
  • Impact resistant, won’t break up to 5 feet of falling distance, also waterproof

This waterproof, impact resistant fishing head lamp by Luxolite has several settings for red and white light with lumens up to 160. In pitch black, you can see up to the length of an entire football field with this strong headlamp. One of my favorite features of this headlamp is how light weight it is for a strong fishing headlamp.

While you are out on the water, this head lamp is light enough so you can’t feel it weighing down on you like some other headlamps. It weighs only 3 ounces and the head band stretches around the side of your head. There are two separate buttons for red and white light and each button has up 3 different modes of brightness as well as a strobe setting.


  • Adjustable strap and headlamp for up to 70 degrees
  • Resistant to accidents, it won’t break when being dropped up to 5 feet and
  • Very Lightweight, only 3 ounces which is must less than competitors, no headaches


  • Small buttons, can be difficult to turn on and off with gloves or in colder conditions
  • Only 160 lumens which are not nearly as powerful as some other headlamps on the market

Key Features:

  • Constructed of child and adult friendly, non-toxic materials and is lightweight at 2 oz.
  • Tilts at a 45-degree angle for views and light at an angle
  • US-based company
  • Several colorful designs available so you can choose the one that expresses your personality best

This sturdy and reliable headlamp comes in several different colors, perfect for a fun headlamp for kids and adults alike! The Blitzu Headlamps are our round up review runner-ups by offering style and quality. This head lamp is ideal for those that want to express themselves with fun colors but don’t want to compromise on durability. This is the best headlamp for you and your family of little ones because the material it is made out of is non-toxic and it is also ridiculously lightweight coming in at 2 ounces.

This headlamp offers 165 lumens and can stretch to about 300 feet of visibility. It has the ability to swivel to about 45 degrees so when you are out on the water, you can angle it to see clearly. If you have little fishermen in your family, this would be the ideal headlamp for them because the adjustable band can fit their head. Also, this fishing headlamp is waterproof which is ideal for clumsy kids who may plop it in the water.


  • Ideal for children, made of non-toxic material, lightweight and waterproof for any child that is a bit clumsy
  • An array of bright fun colors available that looks stylish
  • Weighs only 2 ounces but is still very durable and bright


  • The 45-degree tilt is good but not great, the angle isn’t the best for fishers compared to other headlamps that offer 75 or 90 degree angles
  • Not a very comfortable headlamp, little to no padding

Key Features:

  • Two different light colors, a white and a green light. Green is ideal for hunting and fishing
  • Rechargeable by a USB
  • Can be used as an emergency power bank for charging your phone or other devices
  • Comes with a char charger and a power bank so you can recharge it on the go
  • Very bright, 5000 lumens

The Brouit LED Headlamp features an innovative green light that is ideal for your late night or early morning hunting and fishing trips. Many other competitors use red light but this green light is much more ideal and striking to the human eye than a red light. Humans are much more sensitive to green light than they are red light so in cases of emergency they will be able to spot you. Also, animals are much less spooked by green light than red light so this is ideal for fishing and hunting.

This headlamp also features a 90-degree straight down rotation so when you are trying to finagle your fishing lines and hooks, it is easy to see. You won’t have to crank your neck for a good, well lit view.

The design of this light features 3 lights in front, two green lights and a 5000 lumen white light. The headband portion goes over the top of your head and around the sides so it is a nice even and comfortable fit. This design evenly distributes the weight and prevents the headlamp from sliding down your head over time.


  • Head strap design around the sides and over the top of the head, prevents slipping and distributes the weight of the light more evenly
  • 90-degree, straight down swivel is convenient for viewing fish lines and hooks while out on the water
  • Green light is best for fishing because it doesn’t scare away or startle fish, but it is the most sensitive spectrum to human eyes
  • Comes with convenient rechargeable pack


  • Very heavy, 3 lights on the front make this light heavier, could cause discomfort
  • Doesn’t hold a charge as long as other rechargeable headlamps, only around 3 to 4 hours of continuous use at a time

Key Features:

  • 3 LED lights and 4 Working Modes, Low, Middle, High and Strobe
  • USB power bank for phone charging emergencies
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • 90 degree swivel for direct down view
  • Green light located on the back for safety when traveling in groups

This Totobay headlamp is a strong and powerful 3 LED light lamp that will help you see during late night fishing sessions. Featuring 3 LED lights and 4 switch modes, this fishing headlight is strong and can last up to 4 to 5 hours on the water. This headlamp is ideal for fishing because it is waterproof and it won’t die on you. It uses rechargeable batteries that are ideal for on the go use, allowing you to recharge the battery in your car.

One of my favorite features about this headlamp is that the battery pack the headlamp uses, doubles as a portable charger so you don’t get caught in an emergency. If your phone is dying or you are out at night or early morning fishing, it can be scary having a completely dead phone. Since the rechargeable battery pack comes with a USB port, you can charge no matter where you are on the water. 

The design of this headlamp is comfortable and features a strap that goes around the side of your head and on the top. It is perfect for evenly distributing the weight so you don’t get sore ears or are left with the nuisance of constantly readjusting the head lamp.


  • Waterproof, ideal for fishing in case your head lamp falls down into the water
  • Adjustable 90-degree swivel which is ideal for saving neck and back aches
  • USB Power bank which allows you to connect your phone from wherever you are in case of emergencies


  • Heavy, weighing in at 14.8 ounces
  • More expensive than other brands, not a budget friendly option

Key Features:

  • 2000 Lumens total featuring 5 different mode settings, with different aim settings like an adjustable zoom lens
  • Aluminum alloy material which is lighter weight
  • Backlight so others can see you from behind
  • Comes with several different charging options included, car, outlet and laptop
  • Waterproof, can be worn in rain or shine

This heavy duty rain or shine headlamp can brighten up anyone’s day with the powerful 2000 lumens of power. This headlamp is versatile and features 5 different mode settings, more than most competitors, and has zoom options for adjusting the length of the beam. The Best Sun Headlamp is ideal for fishing because of the powerful bright LED lights that total 2000 lumens as well as the waterproof capability for rain or shine. I know that when I am fishing, I often accidentally get wetter than I intended, and I don’t have to worry about my headlamp getting damaged. This eases my mind and also, if I accidentally drop it in the water there is no stress.

One of my favorite features that this headlamp has to offer is the material of the headlamp. It is made of a more lightweight metal than other headlamps. Made of aluminum alloy, this means it is more compact, lighter weight and just as durable as other headlamps. 

Additionally, I love the zoom quality of this lamp which many other LED headlamps do not have. The zoom function allows for you to focus on a certain distance ahead of you and the beam of light doesn’t get lost and diffuse out. The zoom function keeps the light bright even from 40 or 100 feet away.


  • The zoom function that the LED light features, this allows for light to not disperse and become dimmer the farther away you look. Great for hooking lines and attaching hooks
  • 2000 lumens of light power, this is ideal for those that need a powerful light to see far across the water while fishing
  • Aluminum body allows for a very durable but light construction


  • The cable part of the light which attaches the battery to the light is not concealed, this could cause problems later on with water resistance

Key Features:

  • Motion sensing on and off light control, ideal for fishermen with their hands full
  • Softer lighting which is ideal for threading fishing hooks and not spooking fish
  • Red beam and white beam function
  • Strong intense function for a more concentrated light source, won’t diffuse as much in fog

A headlamp specifically for fishermen, the Herobeam thinks outside the box with it intuitive easy on off design. The Herobeam Fishing headlamp is our best overall choice due to the value and high-quality innovative design for fishermen. When you are out on the water trying to reel in a fish and you have your hands full, you probably don’t have the patience and time to flip through light settings. This fishing headlamp features an easy wave and the light turns on or switches settings. It is a motion detecting headlamp that you don’t have to touch, especially when you have slippery and slimy hands. This concept was specifically designed for fishermen in mind.

The Herobeam headlamp also features a wide and narrow beam option so you can use a softer light when needed or zero in on one spot. This is great for fishermen because sometimes the ultra-strong beam of lights that other headlamps are only accustomed for, can spook the fish away. The soft light is easier on the eyes when you are threading hooks and won’t leave you blinded.

This headlamp was made with fishermen in mind and features a camo design. It runs on a rechargeable battery that uses a micro USB plug in so you can charge it on the go in your car or wherever you please. The headlamp has a single strap that goes around the outside of your head above the ears and is adjustable for long hours of fishing.


  • Soft and zoom light control, this reduces the risk of spooking fish away and can reduce strain on your eyes when working on hooking lines up close
  • Wave light detection, motion sensor light on and off is ideal for fishermen who get their hands slimy and slippery while on the boat
  • Very lightweight, only 2.7 ounces so you won’t have any headaches or strain
  • Very affordable and budget friendly


  • Soft beam can sometimes come off as night being bright enough for

Key Features:

  • Wide LED lamp that can beam light up to 800 meters, professional grade lamp
  • Light illumination power for up to 8 to 12 hours on high power and 10 to 18 hours on soft light power
  • Double layer radiation cup design, prevents the lamp from heat damage and overheating
  • Silicon cushion located on the back of the light for a more comfortable cushion wear. It is easy to clean and won’t fall apart for getting wet

In terms of distance lighting, the Odear Lie Wang headlamp stumps the competition. If you are someone that needs to see far and out, this will be the go to headlamp because it can reach up to 800 meters on full blast. For hours on end, this lamp has significant battery life and even out of the package it has up to 6 hours of charge. After a fully charged session, the head lamp can last between 8 to 12 hours on high power. This is much longer than most other fishing headlamps.

One of the more innovative parts of this headlamp is the double layer radiation cup which is ideal for preventing head damage and is ideal for those that live in warmer climates. Since this headlamp is so strong, it does get warm when used for continuous hours on end and the double layer cups disperse the heat and help prevent it from overheating.

As a heavier lamp, it is designed to make sure that you don’t notice the power of it. The head strap is designed so I lift the lamp up and keeps it from drooping. There is a strap that goes around the side of your head and over the top to distribute strain. Also, it features a silicon cushion on the back of the lamp so your forehead won’t take the brunt of the weight. The cushion is easy to clean and is water proof.


  • Over 8 hours and up to 16 hours of illumination time, this is incomparable to other competing fishing headlamps
  • Double layer radiation cup which distributes heat evenly and prevents overheating
  • Rechargeable batteries included, USB charging cord
  • Waterproof and the silicon comfort pad on the back of the lamp will not be damaged due to cleaning or water exposure


  • Very heavy, weighs about 11.6 ounces, very large and not compact
  • The power light is not adjustable and there is no “zoom” option, just high beam and low beam

Best Headlamps For Fishing Comparison Table

The Best Headlamps for Fishing Buying Guide

headlamp for fishing

There are certain factors and features that make an ideal fishing light right for you. It can be overwhelming trying to weigh and understand the different options available and we are here to help streamline the specifics. Certain features simply matter for than others and these will be a good guideline as to what features can narrow the process of finding your ideal headlamp.

Battery Life


It is important have a battery have a battery life that will last for the duration of your fishing trip. Sometimes, this also means a little extra too because you don’t want to have to be constantly changing the batteries or charging your battery.

Try to find a head lamp that has enough battery life for around 4 to 5 hours on high power for rechargeable batteries. Yes, there is a difference between having it on high power and low power. For physical replaceable batteries, try to find one that will last for several hours like around 1000 hours or more. This way, you won’t have to keep lugging batteries around with you everywhere you go.

Number of Modes and How They Work

Pay attention to how many modes there are on a headlamp. For fishing, you may need a low light mode and a stronger higher light mode. I would suggest that definitely make sure that you have a lamp that has a soft or low beam mode so you don’t scare away fish. Most fish just don’t like bright lights so finding a head lamp that has both a soft and bright light function is key. If you have to constantly have bright beams pointing at the water, this could steer the fish away from you and may scare them.

I highly recommend that you look into a head lamp that has a red light mode. This study shows that fish actually tend to feed more in the presence of red light, and this could help your fishing game. Lots of lamps have a red light function for safety. I would suggest any headlamp that has a color light would be better that a beaming bright white light constantly. 

You also may want to consider a hands free on and off mode. There are some brands out there that offer a motion sensor on off switch and this could be very useful in the dark when you have a fish in your hands.


This word is a buzzword when talking about lights in general. Many people wonder what exactly lumens are and it is not actually as important as you may think. Lumens is the amount of brightness in a light, so how strong the light will be. You want to have a light that is bright and can light up strongly but you don’t need a top of the line 5000 lumen head lamp. These lights that serve 5000 lumens total of light, can be very heavy and get really hot quickly. If you come across a head lamp you love and it has lots of lumen, don’t shy away however. There are usually lots of settings on the head lamp and you don’t have to necessarily rely on the full force 3 bright lights at once. Make sure your headlamp has several modes to choose from.

Comfort and Style

Out on the water, hours can pass and you may not even notice it. However, you will notice every minute if you have an uncomfortable headlamp. My best advice to you is that you should try to find at the bare minimum a head lamp with an adjustable strap because this won’t leave you with a compression headache.

Some head lamps go as far as having two straps. Usually it is one that goes over the top of the head and another that goes around the head. I prefer headlamps that have 2 straps that go around and over the head because this reduces the pressure over my ears. However, I usually go for long fishing trips that last into the night for 6 to 7 hours. I also like to use my head lamp for hunting in the early morning or late at night for grilling.

Additionally, there are several different styles and colors that you can choose from. If you are someone that like a strong heavy duty headlamp with lots of lumens, then you will end up with a bulkier head lamp. If you are casually using this headlamp for short fishing outings or for kids, a much more compact and colorful one is fun. Several headlamps offer different colors for head bands and it can be to express yourself.

How to choose Best Headlamp for Fishing

Water Resistance and Waterproof

Most of the headlamps I mentioned above are water resistant or waterproof. Since you will be using the head lamp for fishing, I highly encourage you to make sure that the one you buy is waterproof. Water resistance is great too but honestly, I have run into many situations where my headlamp pops off my head and into the water by accident. Finding a head lamp that is water proof will save you time and money in the long run and won’t leave you stranded in the dark.

Also, since you will be using a headlamp most likely at night or in the early hours of the morning, there is lots of moisture in the air. Dew falls down and gets everything a small coat of water and you want to make sure your headlamp can handle this.

Rechargeable vs. Regular Batteries

The difference between a rechargeable and regular batteries is purely a preference. However, rechargeable batteries tend to be a bit more convenient that way if you forget to bring some, you are not stuck without battery life. Rechargeable batteries are great for charging on the go and in the car. Some brands even have a battery pack that can be charged for your headlamp but also doubles as a USB charger. This can be great for those that want to being their phones with them and they have a back up battery in case of emergencies.

Rechargeable Batteries


  • One full charge will usually last at least 5 to 8 hours depending on the brand
  • No need to lug around batteries
  • Many rechargeable battery packs come with a USB insert for charging your phone


  • It may be easy to forget to charge your battery pack the night before
  • You must rely on always having an outlet available if your headlamp dies


Regular Batteries


  • You can bring ask many as you need with you
  • Don’t need an outlet around for a fully charged headlamp
  • Each battery pack lasts around 1000 hours in a headlamp


  • You can easily forget a back up set of batteries
  • Not as convenient as rechargeable ones, you must always buy a new set
  • Not as budget friendly as rechargeable batteries


What is IPX rating on the headlamp?

This is a common term that is found on most headlamp packages. An IPX rating shows how waterproof something is. A scale from 0 to 8 shows how waterproof an item is. So starting at 0, it has no element of water resistance, and to 8 you can submerge your item in several feet of water. A good headlamp would typically have an IPX rating around 6-8 depending on the brand. 

What is an acceptable amount of lumens for the best headlamp for fishing?

Typically, you want your headlamp to be around 100 to 150 lumens. Some headlamps go above and beyond this and it does get brighter but it isn’t necessarily helpful. Try to find a headlamp that has at least 100 lumens.

What type of batteries do I need for a headlamp?

Most headlamps have 2 choices, rechargeable and replaceable batteries. The ones that take the replaceable batteries are AAA batteries. Depending on the brand, some take as many as 6 AAA batteries but you will typically see around 3.

What is the point of having a Red or Green light feature? Do I need it?

Several headlamps feature more colors than just the usual white light. These colors are an option because they typically help with signaling or with night time vision.

The red lights that are featured on many headlamps are too often signal for trouble or are better for fishing. Sometimes, white lights can be very harsh while fishing but the red light can soften up the illumination.

Other lamps have a green light. This green light is much softer on our human eye but at the same time, we notice it quite well. If you are spending hours on the lake staring into a white light reflection, this could hurt your eyes after a while and make them feel tired. A green light is shown to relieve migraines and sensitivity in some and could help prevent headaches from occurring. So, having a green light headlamp could help your eye sensitivity.

For your safety, I would suggest finding a headlamp that has a red or green light mode. If you get into trouble, this could help signal those that are far away for help.


fishing lamp

Finding the right headlamp is exciting and can change the way you fish at night. Our top pick for the best overall fishing headlamp is the Herobeam fishing headlamp. It features a hands-free on and off mode and also has a red beam option for fishing at night.

If the Herobeam is a bit out of your price range then our budget-friendly pick is the Everbrite Headlamps. You can get two high-quality headlamps for the price of one which sounds like money to my ears. And lastly, our round-up runner up is the Blitzu Headlamp which is ideal for children or adults and comes in several fun color options.

Overall, it is so important to find the right headlamp for you and your lifestyle. Headlamps are an amazing addition to you can fish at any time, no matter the hour.

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