How To Make a Camping Tent From Scratch?

The shelter is one of the main camping essentials. You need to pack your tent first before anything else. But what if you find yourself in the wild with no backpacking tent?  Building your own tent from scratch might sound like a complicated process, but once you master it, it becomes easy. When you make […]

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses

select the best sunglasses

Can you use your everyday town sunglasses when you venture outdoors? Your everyday sunglasses might be stylish, but they may not offer the necessary protection you need for your eyes. When you go fishing, the reflection on the surface of the water makes your eyes squint. Ordinary sunglasses do not have the needed protection to […]

The 10 Essentials For Camping 2021

10 essentials for hiking and camping

When heading out for any outdoor activity, your main headache will be what camping essentials to pack and what to leave behind. The 10 Essentials is a list of the basic items needed to spend at least a night outside. This is a list first developed by The Mountaineers, an outdoor-based organization in Seattle, in […]