Core Tents VS Coleman: Ultimate Tent Breakdown | Outdoor Stuff Guides

core tents vs coleman

Hello guys and welcome to another Outdoor Stuff Guides post. If you are an avid camping enthusiast, you probably know that Core and Coleman are two well-known tent brands. It goes without saying that the power of a brand can affect your purchase behavior, but we think that you should learn more things before the […]

10 Best Tent for Rain and Wind to Keep You and Your Gear Dry

Best Tent for Rain and Wind

Camping is something that millions of people enjoy every year across the world and throughout many seasons. The thrill of getting off the grid and spending time in the wilderness is something that draws in almost everyone looking for a new adventure. Unfortunately, not every camping trip is filled with sunny days and clear nights […]

10 Best Two Room Tents – Exhaustive Shopping Guide Top Products

Best Two Room Tents

If you camp with your family or as a group, you need the best two room tents to meet your needs. A two-room tent gives you privacy to take a shower, change clothes, and sleep freely. They are ideal when you go camping with kids. Two-room tents are normal large-sized tents with a partition, two […]

10 Best Bug Net For Hammocks to Keep the Flies Away

Best Bug Net For Hammocks

Nothing is quite as relaxing and peaceful as getting wrapped up in a hammock in the woods and just taking in the sounds of the wild. Whether you are resting with a good book or just want to rest after a long day of hiking, nothing beats a good hammock. What can instantly ruin even […]

10 Best Kayaking Tents Reviews|Lightweight and Compact

10 best kayaking tents

Hi, kayak enthusiasts, we are back again with another Outdoor Stuff Guide for you who want to enjoy a nice camping night under the stars with a lightweight tent that you can load on your vessel. Just to let you know an ordinary tent will not be the best solution because you will need a […]

10 Best Hot Weather Tents – The Ultimate Shopping Guide and Recommendations

Best Hot Weather Tents

Summertime is the best for camping for most people, and for this reason, getting yourself the best tents for hot weather is necessary. A regular tent may work for you, but when things start to heat up, they become stuffy and uncomfortable. Consequently, it is worth it to spend a little more to buy an […]

10 Best Water Enhancers | Reviews and Buying Guide

10 best water enhancers

Camping Tip Number One· Always stay hydrated! If you do not like drinking tasteless water, just use water enhancers. You have probably heard of the 8×8 rule of water which states that you need 8 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. Undoubtedly, water is one of the most important elements on the earth […]