10 Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs – Complete Buying Guide

Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

While we often enjoy looking at pictures of people sitting on logs around the campfire, in reality, those logs are too low, uncomfortable, and covered in bugs to be a realistic option. Of course, it is also rare to find them conveniently located around your firepit. Carrying the best heavy duty camping chair is a much better option.

It is with that thought that many people grab a $10 camp chair from their favorite discount store. Unfortunately, they soon find themselves shifting this way and that trying to ease their discomfort long enough to enjoy their campfire. This guide is our offer of help to avoid those common mistakes and ensure that you end up with a camping chair that keeps you comfortable for hours of campfire stories and drinks.

This guide should help you understand what choices are available and guide you to the best heavy duty camping chair that will become your personal preference. We have collected the best choices from a few categories to ensure that you will be able to pick a chair that meets your needs and fits into your budget.

  What Are The Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs?

  • Coleman Quad Chair

  • ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

  • GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

  • CORE Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair

  • OmniCore Designs MoonPhase Home-Away LoveSeat

  • Sovigour Folding Camping Chair

  • Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Portable Camping & Sports Chair

  • Portal Camping Chair with Hard Armrests

  • Ever Advanced Oversized Padded Quad Arm Chair

  • Kamp-Rite Director’s Chair

Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair Buying Guide

The best heavy duty camping chair is a surprisingly personal preference. There is typically one design that each person finds most comfortable and then a few designs that are tolerable under certain conditions. The exact designs for each category will vary for each person. My husband is 6 foot, 5 inches tall, and loves his dual lock design chair, while I prefer my director-style chair. When backpacking, he prefers a folding stool, while I love my cradle design chair.

What kinds of camping chair designs are available?

Camping chairs typically fall into one of a few basic designs. There will be variations within each, but the basic setup will be similar. Once you have determined the best design for you, you can consider what features you want or need.

Slingback – Often called a classic or traditional camp chair, his style of chair is designed by slinging a piece of fabric between two pack points, where a person’s shoulders will hit, and 2 points at the front of the seat. This creates a curved seat design that will allow you to sit down into the chair. Unfortunately, it will often cause your back to curve and hunch forward. This posture is more bothersome for some than others.

These chairs often have armrests that are also the fabric that slings between the back posts and a front bar that extends out from the bottom front of the frame. Those cheap, big-box store camping chairs are one example of these chairs. They are a traditional camping chair design because they easily collapse into a single pole that can be easily carried.

High-quality versions of slingback chairs will negate the posture concerns by tilting the entire chair back to a reclining position. This works well, if the chair is low enough to the ground that the front of the seat will not cut off circulation through your thighs. While traditional camping chairs are cheap and convenient, they are not typically the best or most comfortable choice.

Slingback camping chair

Director’s Chair – These chairs offer solid rectangle or square frames on both sides that provide sturdy armrests. The seat is a hinged “X” design that pulls the fabric of the seat taunt when opened, and the back is a separate fabric that stretches wide between two back posts. This chair does not allow for reclining, nor does it fully collapse. It does offer good support for those who sometimes struggle with lower back pain.

The back of these chairs are low, so they are not the best big and tall camping chairs. That said, their seats are very wide and can be well supported, though this depends on the fabric and specifics of the design. This combines with their solid frame and strong armrests to make them a potential best camping chair for heavy person.

The biggest drawback to director’s chair style camping chairs is their lack of portability. While they will fold flat into a square or rectangle, they do not collapse into the tube shape that you get with a traditional camping chair. For me, this trade-off is worth it most of the time. The solid and supportive design keeps me comfortable, even when we have spent as long as a month camping.

Locking Frame – There are a few options within this category, but it generally refers to a traditional, slingback chair that has been upgraded with an extra feature that “locks” it into the open position. This seemingly small detail pulls the fabric taut and eliminates that collapse into the chair that can cause your back to curve forward.

Often, these chairs are designed with a higher back, as well. They are generally the best camp chair for big guys. At 6’5” tall, my husband loves his locking frame chair. It locks with the seat firm and wide so that he does not sink. It also means that the sides stay wide enough to give him space. The taller back allows him to lean his head back, and the seat is a bit higher, so his knees do not end up around his shoulders.

The arms are the same design as a traditional slingback camping chair, which is nice since they typically have a cup holder or two conveniently located at the end of the arms. Once unlocked, these chairs collapse the same way a slingback chair does, so they travel in a tube shape just like a traditional camping chair, though they are usually a bit longer.

Scoop – These chairs are reminiscent of the original camping chairs from the mid-19th century. They are similar to a slingback chair but sit lower to the ground and are reclined a bit more. This makes them easier on your back but harder to get in and out of. They are very popular among people who find Adirondack chairs comfortable since they have a similar feel.

Many people also compare these chairs to modern saucer chairs or basket chairs, though the scoop design will hug your sides more closely. They typically do not have any arms but can often fold up much smaller and lighter than other camping chair designs. While these will never be the overall best heavy duty camping chair, they are a very portable option.

Scoop camping chair

What kinds of features do I need?

Cup holder(s) – While most chairs will have one, a second one is nice for holding items like your flashlight, keys, and lighter. It has been my experience that those items stash well in a spare cup holder but rarely fit in a flat storage pocket or pouch.

Storage pouches – Some people swear by these. Most of the people that I know who love them are big on crosswords, word finds, or sudoku and use them to store those books. On the rare occasion that I stick a map in mine, I usually end up forgetting to take the map with me and then regret then entire thing.

Coolers – These are a nice luxury! They are not necessary, but it is convenient to be able to keep a cold drink handy. Of course, you will need ice or a cold pack to make it effective.

Side Table – These are great for snack lovers! They provide a great place to set a bowl of chips, nuts, or candy, and can come in handy. It is important to note that they are typically only found with chairs that fold but do not fully collapse, though. This means that you will need to be prepared to carry a larger frame, rather than the bagged classic camp chair. They are typically connected to some of the best heavy duty folding camping chairs, though.

Top Heavy Duty Camping Chairs Compared

10 Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs Review

Key Features

  • The attached cooler will keep 4 cans or bottles nicely chilled and right at your fingertips
  • Mesh cup holder prevents condensation from forming a puddle
  • Included bag makes storing and carrying this chair easy and convenient
  • Side storage pouch has 2 pockets to hold your book, maps, or other paraphernalia
  • The sturdy steel frame holds up to 325 lbs on a 24-inch seat

This chair offers the convenience of a folding camp chair in a larger and more comfortable size. It includes a handy cooler to keep a few drinks ready to go and is durable enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is made by Coleman, so you know that it will not fall apart. The included carry bag will make taking it with you a breeze, and you will enjoy the spacious seat.


  • Great value
  • Durable
  • Spacious seat
  • Adjustable armrests


  • Limited back support
  • No cushioning in the seat or back

Key Features

  • 800 lb weight capacity makes it one of the strongest chairs available
  • 2 mesh cup holders keep a beverage near each hand or offer a place for your lighter, compass, and flashlight
  • Includes a storage pouch under each arm to hold maps, pamphlets, or a deck of cards
  • The extra storage pouch is found behind the head of the chair and makes a great place to stash a scarf or small rain poncho
  • The wide seat will allow you to sit without feeling squashed

King Kong is an appropriate name for this heavy-duty chair. Its weight capacity is the standout feature with the strength to support up to 800 lbs, though I am not convinced that the 24.5 – inch width is adequate to allow the person that size to sit comfortably. The best use of this strength would be allowing kids and grandkids to enjoy your lap while you relax.


  • Strong frame
  • 2 cup holders
  • 3 storage pouches
  • Spacious seat
  • Reinforced quilted fabric


  • Limited back support
  • The front edge of the seat can be uncomfortable under thighs

Key Features

  • Spring action rocking motion is great for relaxation
  • Solid armrests make standing up easy
  • Convenient cup holder keeps your drink nearby
  • Director chair style back offers great back support
  • The wide seat is comfortable

This is a great camping chair for those who want to relax while rocking back and forth. The spring action makes the rocking motion smooth, even on rocky ground. It is important to note that this chair does not fully collapse the way other camp chairs do. It folds into a flat rectangle and does not include a carry bag. It does have a handle to make it easy to carry. 


  • Smooth rocking motion
  • Sturdy arms for support standing up
  • Great back support
  • Folds flat with a handle to carry


  • The cup holder is lower than the armrest
  • Does not fully collapse or come with a carry bag

Key Features

  • Solid armrests offer support while standing and sitting
  • Well-padded seat and back add comfort
  • The wide seat is comfortable to sit in
  • Side pouch offers a convenient place to stash books and maps
  • The chair still fully collapses into a carry bag with a shoulder strap to make transportation easy

For those who want a good balance of sturdy comfort with great portability, this is a fantastic choice. While it still fully collapses into the same size as traditional camping chairs, its hard armrests and well supported back offer the comfort of a much more stable chair.  The strong frame design ensures that the seat stays wide and comfortable.


  • Good back support
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Well-supported seat
  • Strong armrests
  • Easy to transport


  • The cup holder is placed very low on the chair
  • The padding means that the chair can be hot in the summer

Key Features

  • 2 seats allow you to stay close to your loved one
  • The backpack-style carry bag makes it easy to carry
  • Quilted padding makes both seats comfortable
  • A cupholder near each seat makes it easy for both of you to keep a drink nearby

For those who want to sit with their companion, this chair offers a loveseat for your campsite. It collapses fully, just like a traditional camping chair, and will feel like you are sitting in a traditional camping chair. The removal of the center armrests and addition of a mesh center triangle allows you to sit toward your companion without any barriers.


  • Comfortable seating
  • Convenient cup holders
  • Easy to carry, despite being large
  • Easy to expand and collapse


  • Very large and heavy chair
  • Limited back support
  • Padding can be hot in summer

Key Features

  • Folds into a 14 in the long carry bag that is small enough to fit inside a backpack easily
  • The easy assembly that makes set-up quick
  • Sits low to the ground for a comfortable feel similar to an Adirondack chair
  • Cradles the body in a reclining position to make relaxation easy
  • Sturdy design ensures that you feel well supported despite the small and lightweight design

This is the perfect chair for those looking to carry their chair around everywhere. It breaks down into a tiny and lightweight package that you can easily toss into your backpack and take fishing, hiking, or on any other adventure. It is a cradle seat, so it does not include armrests, but the design is comfortable and low enough to the ground to avoid causing your legs to fall asleep.


  • Folds up very small
  • Is very lightweight
  • Comfortable, reclined seat
  • Does include a cup holder and storage pocket
  • Small carry bag included


  • The cup holder is awkward to reach while sitting
  • The chair sits low to the ground
  • Assembly is required

Key Features

  • Dual lock system means that the seat and backstay firm and solid to provide the support that other chairs lack
  • The back mesh will keep you cool in the summer heat
  • 2 cup holders are conveniently located right where your hands rest
  • The wide seat allows you to relax comfortably
  • Despite the extra support, the chair still fully collapses just like a traditional camp chair

This chair sits a bit higher off of the ground than most to make standing up easier. The dual lock design also means that you will sit on the chair, rather than sinking into it. It also has a sturdier back that will prevent the lower back discomfort that is so common with traditional camping chairs. Even with these design improvements, the chair still collapses just as much as a traditional camp chair. 


  • Extra back support
  • Higher seat
  • Collapses into the same size as traditional camp chairs
  • Convenient cup holders and storage pocket


  • Requires clicking a button to release the lock and allow the chair to collapse
  • The folded chair is longer than a traditional camping chair

Key Features

  • Hard armrests offer support as you sit and stand
  • 1 cupholder rotates around the front of the armrest, allowing you to adjust its placement to suit you
  • A second cupholder makes for great storage lower on the chair
  • Mesh backing keeps the chair cool throughout the summer heat

This chair is built and priced like a traditional camping chair, but it has a few key upgraded features. The biggest improvement found with this design is the arms. Their solid design allows you to use them for support while transitioning from sitting to standing or vice versa. The placement of the cupholders is also better than many similar chair designs.  


  • Well-placed cup holders
  • Convenient carry bag included
  • Hard-sided armrests
  • Well ventilated backing


  • Could have better back support
  • Arms are not as sturdy as we would like

Key Features

  • High back to the better head support
  • Great padding on back for extra comfort
  • Collapses into a small carry bag similar to traditional camping chairs
  • The extra-wide seat allows for extra comfort
  • Adjustable armrests allow you to set your own arm position

For the taller individuals who find themselves wishing that their camping chair was taller, this may be the solution for you. This high-backed chair offers all of the benefits that come with a traditional camping chair, but it has the addition of a higher back and some extra padding. The wider than usual seat will also be more comfortable for those who like extra space.  


  • Wide seat
  • Great padding
  • Higher back
  • Convenient cup holder
  • Easy-to-transport carrying bag


  • Not great back support
  • Only 1 cup holder

10. Kamp-Rite Director's Chair

Key Features

  • Sturdy armrest design makes it easy to sit and stand with extra support
  • A cooler attached to one side keeps your beverages cold and convenient
  • A side table on the other side make it easy to rest a plate, book, deck of cards, or flashlight
  • The firm and solid design offers stability and back support that many camping chairs lack
Kamp-Rite Director's Chair

This chair uses a director chair design, so it has a strong seat with good back support. The frame designed to support up to 300 lbs, though the manufacturer lists 225lbs as the capacity with the expectation that you will add quite a few pounds to the table and cooler. While this chair is very comfortable and useful, it is not the most portable option.


  • Great back support
  • Strong and comfortably wide seat
  • Convenient cooler
  • Side table with cup holder attached
  • Strong arms for extra support sitting and standing


  • The side table is a bit lower than is comfortable
  • The cooler does not detach from the chair
  • Chair folds flat but does not fully collapse


By now, you likely have a chair or two in mind that you think will suit you, but you may have a few remaining questions. We have collected some of the most commonly asked camp chair questions below. These should clear up any remaining wonderings you may be experiencing.

Do I need a padded chair?

This really depends on the climate in which you plan to camp. So long as the weather is chilly, cool, or cold, a padded chair can be more comfortable and keep you warmer. When you have a nice warm fire at your front, it is wonderful to have the padded warmth of a thick chair at your back.

Of course, if it is 90 degrees out, you may regret that extra insulation. When you camp in hot weather, a chair with mesh ventilation is a far more comfortable option. It allows the cool breeze to reach your back and slow your sweat.

Some people worry that mesh may not be as durable, but the reality is that padded chairs are no more or less durable than chairs with mesh ventilation. The durability of a chair depends much more on the quality of materials and construction. Many cheap padded chairs end up with ripped seams, just like cheap mesh chairs may get holes. A good quality chair will not be likely to suffer from either.

What is the difference between a standard camp chair and a heavy duty camp chair?

While many people expect to see a size difference in heavy duty vs standard chairs, this is not a defining difference. In fact, in many cases, there is little to no size difference. The most significant difference is the materials used to make the chair. A standard chair has a single layer of fabric attached to an aluminum frame. This keeps costs down and will work for small people who treat their chairs kindly – or replace them annually.

For those who are a bit less delicate and want a chair that lasts more than one season, it is worth upgrading to a heavy duty chair. These usually have steel frames and use two or more layers of a heavier fabric. They are also typically stitched more tightly and with a higher quality thread, so there are fewer ripped seams.

Of course, the telltale signal that you are looking at a heavy duty camp chair is the weight capacity. While standard camp chair will top out around 200 lbs, the best heavy duty camp chairs can handle as much as 800 lbs. This is because of those material differences. A cheap aluminum frame will buckle under too much weight, and lightweight thread sew loosely through a single layer of fabric can easily be pulled apart at the seam.

How long should a camp chair last?

This is highly dependent on the quality of the chair that you buy and the way that you use it. I can say that the cheap, standard chairs will likely only last a season if used regularly. A good quality, heavy duty chair can last for many years, even with heavy use.

My director’s chair and my husband’s dual locking chair have both survived four years of summers spent touring the country and neither one shows a single rip, crack, or bend. They get tossed in and out of our camper, have seen well over a dozen parks and have been used from below freezing in Glacier N.P. to the heat of July 4th in Texas.

best camping chair for heavy person


Finding the right camp chair for you can make your entire camping trip more enjoyable. Much like getting a good night’s sleep, relaxing around the fire in a chair that will not leave you sore means that you will be ready to enjoy more adventures the following day. There are just a few basic guidelines to follow when choosing your chair.

For those who are big and tall, a locking chair is the best heaving duty camp chair to give you the height and support that will keep you comfortable. While there are many great options, the Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair has some great features. It folds up nicely but has a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Heavy campers who do not need the extra height may find that the Kamp-Rite Director’s Chair is their preferred choice. It has got a pleasantly wide seat with excellent support for both your back and bum. With the convenient side cooler and side table, its features are awesome. You will not feel squished in this design.

Whatever chair you end up with, you will be glad to have found the best heavy duty camp chair for you. Your body will be happier, and you will be better prepared to enjoy your adventure when you can relax comfortably.

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