10 Best Spinning Rods For Bass – Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Best Spinning Rod for Bass

Fishing is often a hectic outdoor activity. Knowing that a failing fishing rod is the last thing you want to worry about. Why do I say that? Fishing rods are arguably the essential equipment in fishing, knowing that they are responsible for holding the line and reel. Additionally, these rods are the principal prime point for the angler pointing towards bringing a catch. With that in mind, it is crucial to always invest with top-notch equipment that will deliver at all times. In this article, we are going to give you the best fishing rod reviews and tell you the best spinning rod for bass.

When it comes to investing in a fishing rod, aspects like material, power, length, guides, and action are all crucial factors to consider. However, there are other factors too. Factors like;

Handle type. This is the part of the rod where anglers grip with their hands. It is, therefore, crucial to have a solid and well-built handle to stop the rod from impacting your technique or slipping out your hands. If not careful, when selecting a rod with a wrong handle, it can lead to often losing your catch.

Type and weight of the fishing line. Another critical component of a rod is the line. For the most experienced angler, it is normal for them to have their preferences. I mean both in terms of line type and strength. This includes braided, fluorocarbon, and monofilament.

Several pieces. Usually, the number of bits varies in spinning rods. I need to clarify that more parts do not conclusively mean better performance, nor do they say worse. It is often a decision made mostly based on the manufacturer’s preference and the rod’s overall length.

Tackle types and technique. Lures and tackle types are essential to fishing as the rod itself. For example, as the case in fly or jig lures, they determine the technique for fishing; thus, in turn, impacting the choice of the rod to be used.
Having that in mind, we will now discuss the type of rod that is best for you and the different types, as well as what you should look for.

Our Top Picks: The Best Spinning Rod For Bass

  • Ugly Stik Elite

  • Cadence Spinning Rod CR5-30

  • JOHNCOO Fishing Rod for Bass

  • SHIMANO SE Teramar

  • Ugly Stik GX2

  • SHIMANO Solora

  • Fenwick HMG

  • KastKing Perigee II

  • Falcon Rods Coastal

  • Fenwicks Eagle Spinning Rods

Top Spinning Rods For Bass Comparison Table

10 Best Spinning Rods For Bass Review

The Ugly Stik Elite is a uniquely designed lightweight and durable spinning fishing rod. This Ugly Stik design of the Elite series features 35% more graphite compare to the GX2. The higher graphite levels in the construction ensure the Ugly Stik has superior sensitivity. In addition, Ugly Stik features advanced line guides that eliminate pop-outs that rip your line apart. It is also amon the best bass spinning rod.

In order to ensure that you are able to feel even the slightest of nibble on your line, the spinning rod features an exposed reel seat. How does this spinning rod work? It works by making sure that your hand remains in contact with the blanks at all times.


  • A complex lightweight design that is incredibly durable.
    It features a premium cork handle.
  • It has a clear tip design.
    The construction of the Ugly Tech improves sensitivity and reduces weight.
  • Features exposed blank reel seats with stainless steel hoods that are well cushioned.
  • Features 1-piece guides built from stainless steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • It is durable and strong.


  • The most notable issue for most users with the Ugly Stik is the eyelet at the tip. It has grooves that can easily rip through the braided line pretty fast.

The Cadence Spinning Rod is a top-performance rod that offers nothing but quality. With this dependable gear, you are assured of fishing with quality. When purchasing this, you are assured with a risk-free guarantee.

In addition, the Cadence CR5 1-piece and 2-piece are designed with 30-ton carbon matrix graphite blank to offer a strong, sensitive, durable, and lightweight fishing rod. Not only can this fishing rod be used for leisure fishing, but it’s also ideal for game fishing. This includes freshwater fish like trout, bass, and walleye. It is also ideal for other inshore species like speckled trout and redfish.

The CR5 rod is constructed from materials that add sensitivity and durability without adding weight. It also features SiC guides with stainless steel frames that are very durable, Fuji reel seats that are very comfortable. In order to enhance the durability, the blank is wrapped in carbon.

The rods also come in two handle configurations; full carbon grip and split grip using premium EVA and cork. This is meant to deliver a top-notch rod at a higher value than what the competition has to offer.

In order to make it even more smooth and durable, the Cadence rod features stainless steel with SiC inserts. These additional features also help to minimize friction, prevent the lines from sticking into the guides, and enhance sensitivity. I know you’re probably wondering how it enhances sensitivity! It does so by transferring the vibrations to the rod and to your hand through the guide from the line.

The 2-piece rod is uniquely designed to fit in the boat hatch, car, or trunk. This makes it friendlier and convenient to travel with compared to the traditional 1-piece. If you’re accustomed to the traditional 1-piece, you have nothing to worry about. The 2-piece also offers you with a similar touch to the 1-piece spinning rod. The beauty with the 2-piece spinning rod is that you’re able to travel to your preferred fishing spot with much ease and convenience and still enjoy your fishing experience.


  • It comes with a variety of sizes to choose from.
  • It is friendly in terms of pricing.
  • The 30-ton graphite makes it both lightweight and durable.


  • There other better priced spinning rods along with the same price range.

The JOHNCOO fishing rod is built with solid and sensitive carbon fiber constructions to increase sensitivity and performance activities. The toughness of solid carbon fiber on this rod makes the rod perfectly tuned for boat fishing action.

The 3-piece design is uniquely designed to enhance durability and portability. It is constructed to fit all your fishing kit and can easily fit in the boat hatch, car, or trunk. This makes it friendlier and convenient to travel with compared to other designs.

The rod is designed from materials that add sensitivity and durability without adding weight. It also features SiC guides with stainless steel frames that are very durable, Fuji reel seats that are very comfortable. In order to enhance the durability, the blank is wrapped in carbon.

The JOHNCOO fishing rod features a premium split-grip EVA handle, which puts it in the list of the best spinning rod for bass. The split-grip handle is meant to deliver a top-notch rod at a higher value than what the competition has to offer.

For an even more comfortable feeling, every joint leaves enough space. This feature also helps prevent wear and tear.


  • Best value rods in the market with prices under $100.
  • They are portable and are built to deliver top performance.
  • It is built with solid and sensitive carbon fiber constructions.
  • It has high carbon blanks that make them light and yet remain powerful.


  • Compared to other rods, this coastal rod cannot handle heavier fish.

Although this spinning rod is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, the quality and durability are worth every cent. Boasting close to 100 years in the business, you can rest assured that you are investing in a solid rod.

The Teramar WC has proven to have the aptitude to catapult jigs and swimbaits with ease. A group of fishermen decided to take it for a spin in order to test the sensitivity of the rod in deep waters. The test began at depths of 50 feet. Like expected, from depths of 50 feet to around 100 feet, you could make out just about every alcove.

The construction of this rod makes the Teramar a solid caster. The rod has the ability to horse big catch to the surface. Additionally, and without a doubt, I can say that this rod arc’s cleanly compared to most of its constituents. Even with a big catch at the end of the line, the Teramar WC still feels pretty solid and forms a very nice arc.

The Fuji guide concept design on the rod allows the rod to become even more flexible when holed up. This feature allows you to pump the fishing rod effectively if you feel inclined during the struggle.

Another thing with the rod is that it is guaranteed for life. However, there are two ways to address broken or damaged rods. The first option is to send the rod back to the manufacturer (Shimano) for evaluation. For a replacement or repair, a dated receipt and an explanation of the problem is to be sent accompanying the rod.

For the second option, you only need to walk with your broken rod to a participating dealer with a dated receipt. The chances are that you will walk out with a brand new rod.


  • The rod is application-specific.
  • It is durable.
  • It features high-quality components.


  • Although it is still sensitive at some impressive depths, when compared to other graphite rods, it is not as impressive.

The Ugly Stik GX2 is a lightweight and durable spinning fishing rod uniquely designed for quality and performance. This GX2 is constructed with strong yet balanced fiberglass and graphite. The graphite and fiberglass in the construction ensure that the Ugly GX2 has superior sensitivity.

Also, to enhance strength and sensitivity, the rod is constructed with a clear tip design. In addition, Ugly GX2 features advanced 1-piece stainless steel guides that eliminate pop-outs that rip your line apart.
To ensure that you are able to feel even the slightest of nibble on your line, the spinning rod features an exposed reel seat. How does this spinning rod work? It works by making sure that your hand remains in contact with the blanks at all times.

Ugly Stik GX2 fishing rod features a premium split-grip EVA handle. The split-grip handle is meant to deliver a top-notch rod at a higher value than what its compatriots have to offer. Furthermore, to ensure customer satisfaction, you are guaranteed a 7-year warranty.


  • The rod can manage some big catch.
  • Moderate and friendly prices.
  • Convenient and easy to transport.


  • Not easy to operate.

The Solora spinning rod is one of the few rods that you catch fish with using your spinning reel. That is because the rod is constructed using durable aero glass. The complex design makes the rod flexible, which in turn allows you to feel the softest of bites. This means that you can cast further, which increases your chances of catching big fish.

Constructed with reinforced aluminum oxide guides to help increase sensitivity. The reason being that aluminum materials transmit fish strikes accurately and faster.

The rod is also fitted with comfortable cork handles. The cork handles are meant to help you hold the spinning rod fast. The cork handles on this rod have proven to be particularly helpful when catching bigger fish or carrying out the long cast. The reason being that you can easily control the rod even with a big fish on end.

It is designed with a solid graphite reel seat that enables you to lock it quickly. What do I mean? While holding the rod and the reel, you can feel when it’s blank with your fingers.

This Shimano has a medium power that allows you to have quick action when fishing. This is without forgetting that power is the amount of weight you put on your rod to make it bend. Keeping that in mind, this rod allows you to turn it fast, which enables you to catch more fish.

The Shimano spinning rod also lets you have longer casts for bigger catches. It means that you have wider areas to catch fish.


  • This spinning rod has power.
  • It is a perfect choice for beginners.
  • It has a nice grip.
  • Good pricing.
  • The rod is perfect for catching both big and small fish.
  • It has great sensitivity.
  • It is perfect for ultra-light action; i.e., it can be used by kids.
  • Ideal when using worms as bait to catch bigger fish.


  • I found the rod to be pretty stiff and medium-heavy despite being sold as a medium action rod. Beginners might face some struggles when controlling it.
  • There are no replacement rod tips. That means that if the tip is broken, you will probably have to replace the entire device.

The Fenwick HMG spinning rod is a high-end option rod from the Fenwick brand. Although it’s a bit pricey, the 1-piece or 2-piece performance and durability perfectly complements its price. Given its Fuji guides, which are similar to those of the Shimano, this rod is perfect for bass fishing. The Fuji guides feature stainless steel, deep pressed frames with aconite inserts.

To create a more precise action and unparalleled strength, this HMG spinning rod is designed with carbon blanks that are spiraled with a carbon thread. Additionally, the carbon blank ensures that the rod remain strong, sensitive, durable, and lightweight.

Furthermore, to ensure that you maintain a firm grip, the rod is fitted with an AAA cork full grip handle. Also, it will help you hold the spinning rod fast when catching a big fish. In order to provide a secure platform for all reels, the sea guide features a soft-touch alien real seat with a positive lock design.
Just like with any high end spinning rod, you are guaranteed a lifetime warranty.


  • Features a full cork grip and a soft touch alien reel seat.
  • Superior sensitivity through the whole rod.
  • Lightweight but durable and strong.


  • It is pricey.
  • Although it happens on rare occasions, the wrapping thread around the guides sometimes comes loose.
  • Due to wide and deep reel seat, the rod lacks compatibility with some older models.

All the Perigee II fishing rods (1-piece, 2-piece, and twin-tip rods) are meticulously designed with a 24-ton carbon matrix. The KastFlex technology blanks used to design this rod enhances accuracy, power, durability, and strength.
To create this rod, KastKing uses top-notch components. Such quality components include:

  • The Fuji O-ring line guides
  • Tuned ergonomic graphite high-strength reel seats
  • High-density EVA grips
  • Saf-T-Keeper hook holder
  • For rod blanks, they use the finest finish carbon fiber, among other remarkable cosmetics.

For the 2-piece and twin-tip models of this rod, the bait casting rods and carbon fiber spinning rods each come with two-rod tips. The two-rod tips are either medium and medium with light power or medium with medium-heavy. That makes it among the best values in the market.

The power transition system spigot joints in the twin-top rods smoothly transition the power all through the fishing rod blank. To keep the power flowing, the rod also features a specified computer control wrapping at four angles. This brings the touch of a 1-piece fishing rod.

May it be trout fishing, catfishing, bass fishing, or any other fishing technique, this high-performance spinning rod or bait caster is the ideal tool for the job.


  • It uses stainless steel guides with aluminum rings to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • It features a reel with an anti-twist roller.Particularly for beginners, this feature will help you focus on fishing rather than unraveling your line.
  • They are designed with graphite, thus making it both sensitive and lightweight.


  • What I found wrong about this rod is that you can use a braided line, yet it is rated for a super heavy test line. Also, don’t forget that the pole might be snapped by bigger fish. Therefore if you are in an area where bass or trout grow large, a reel and rod combo might be the best option.

This coastal series of the Falcon fishing rods totally take your experience to another level. The rod is constructed with 100% Fuji exposed blank reel seats to improve sensitivity. The Fuji features stainless steel chrome-finish, which is added to prevent corrosion and rust.

In addition, the falcon coastal spinning rod features graphite blanks, which delivers optimum power durability and sensitivity. Furthermore, in order to fight big snapper and groupers while still standing, this rod features super-tough blanks, gimbal butts, Fuji guides and reels, and Shaped EVA grips with extra lengths.

The rod was designed for anglers fishing the flats of the Gulf Coast targeting such species like speckled trout, tarpon, and redfish. It is correct to say that each rod was designed to suit the unique needs of saltwater flats fishermen. Without a doubt, these rods crafted for optimum balance of sensitivity, power, and durability.
The shaped EVA grips on the Costal rods are natural and comfortable. They offer you a firm grip, which in turn allows you to hold the spinning rod more efficiently. It is more probable that every fisherman desires a rod that they can control.

For instance, when carrying out longer casts, you need to be in control. The comfortable and natural cork handles on this rod ensures you remain in control throughout the fishing activity.


  • They are extremely sensitive.
  • It has a great balance.
  • The cork handles offer a comfortable grip.
  • Long-lasting durability.


  • Although the cork handle is comfortable, I found it to fall apart after some time.
  • Also, after using it for a while, the rod tends to crack.
  • Compared to other rods, this coastal rod cannot handle heavier fish.

Here we will base our facts on the specifics that Fenwick Eagle was the first manufacturer to provide professional and novice fishermen with graphite rods. Also, because the company has been producing premium fishing rods for well over six decades. These are some of the reasons that make this rod to remain at the top of the table.

Depending on your needs, these rods are available in either 1-piece or 2-pieces. The rods feature a burled cork handle that is chip-resistant and is built to last. This burled handle is also textured for secure casting. For the guides, they are designed from stainless steel. These guides feature stainless steel inserts that are both resistant to corrosion and strong.

These rods are available from lengths of 5.6 feet to 8 feet. Additionally, the power levels on these rods vary depending on the length of the rod. These range from ultra-light to medium-heavy.

Despite the fact that power levels vary with the length of the rod, all sizes of the Eagle rods offer excellent sensitivity and fast action. It means that vibration is transferred properly to successfully detect even the slightest movement on your lure or bait.

Even when compared to other superior or high-end rods, this rod has continued to prove its superior sensitivity and durability. Additionally, given its class and performance, this rod is relatively cheap. It is by far a very efficient and worthy investment for any professional or novice fisherman.


  • High-quality materials give you a durable and long-lasting reel
  • It’s so lightweight, and you’ll have no trouble casting
  • The anti-reverse system makes retrieving an effortless affair


  • It’s a bit expensive

Bass casting rods Introduction

In simple terms, the reel is situated on the top of the rod for a casting rod. The line through the metal ring and the eyelets are also situated at the top of the reel. Basically, the fishing lines rest solely on the top of the rod that is from the reel to the end of the pole.

What does this mean when fishing? It generally means that when a fish is hooked on your line, it pulls the rod down. This might sound a little confusing, but let me break it down. The rod is pulled down because the tension is evenly distributed from the reel all through to the end of the pole. Here are some advantages of using a casting rod;

  • Because the tension is evenly distributed throughout the pole, it makes it a better option for catching larger species.
  • Also, because the tension is focused on top of the rod and not to the eyelets themselves, the eyelets are less likely to break.
  • The casting rod is better suited with heavier and thicker lines, such as those used when catching larger bass species.
Fishing rod

Spinning rods
For a spinning rod, it’s the opposite of the casting rod. The reel seats at the bottom, and the eyelets face downwards. This is usually meant to focus the tension of the line on the eyelets when a fish is holed. This makes it hard for catching larger species as they can pull the eyelets from the pole with ease.

Similar to casting rods, they too come in different types of materials and different strengths. However, I’ll get to that later. As for now, here are a few advantages of using a spinning rod

  • They are a perfect option for beginners as they are not easily tangled like casting rods.
  • Ideal for certain situations where you need to steadily reel in and cast out.
  • These rods are much easier to control and lighter, making them ideal for beginners.


  • Because the eyelets are on the underside, if you hook a large fish, the eyelets are more likely to rip if the fish swings.
  • For more experienced and advanced fishermen, the spinning reels are not as accurate compared to the casting reels.

Factors to consider when purchasing a fishing rod for bass

As we have seen, there are many factors that can affect the outcome of your fishing experience. Before heading to your favorite fishing spot, I have prepared crucial factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Your skill level

As we have seen, spinning rods are a perfect place to begin your fishing expeditions. This mainly because they are easier to maintain and to handle. Additionally, they are not easily tangled. Nowadays, using braided lines, spinning rods are being by professionals, even on sports shows.

Fishing location

Although it doesn’t matter the kind of rod you use when fishing on a wide and open spot, I prefer using spinning rods. The reason behind this being that they are not easily tangled. However, if you are fishing by the shoreline and on specific areas, a casting rod can be used.

Type of bass

Earlier, I had mentioned that spinning rods are not ideal for catching larger fish. However, if you know that you are fishing for smallmouth bass, then spinning rods are also a good choice for you. Additionally, if you are fishing for larger species, you might as well use a casting rod.

Type of bass


How will I buy a good fishing rod?

The first thing you need to know is your fishing habit. What I mean is, do you fish in freshwater or saltwater? Also, what type of fish are you planning on catching? Before selecting or purchasing a fishing rod, you first need to familiarize yourself with different compositions. Always remember, for any fisherman, it all comes down to action (flexibility), power, length, and material used in making the rod.

Also, before making a purchase, it is always wise to consider the convenience of the rod and also whether it is easily transportable. As we all know, rods can adjust up to 55 feet.

How do I attach the line to the fishing pole?

All you need to is a single overhand coil on the braid Lilian material joined to the pole’s tip. Secondly, on the fishing line, make a double knot. Finally, put the coil over the elastic between the single overhand coil and the pole tip and wave them together.

How do I Elasticate my fishing pole?

As you already know, poles do not come elasticated. However, it is not as hard as it sounds. I’ll take you through the process so that you can do it yourself.

  • Using a small hacksaw, cut off the pole’s tip and smoothen the ends using sandpaper. Then place the bush on the now smooth end. To make it fit snugly, position the bong on the end of the pole.
  • Mark the around edges of the pole using a pencil. Then remove the snug and cut along the marks.
  • Measure and then cut the elastic. To allow trying and to avoid mistakes, it’s advisable to cut a few inches longer. Through the bungs tail’s eye, try fitting the elastic. Make and tighten one knot; this is to feed the tail through the bung. Do the same with the other end and try to shake so that the elastic can slide all the way through.
  • Firstly, thread the elastic through the slip connector’s sleeve, then followed by the other part of the connector. Then click both parts together, then tie and tighten one knot. By now, the connector should be right above the bush.Pull down the little collar on the connector. Peg your pole’s rig coil over the grove, then pushes the collar back into position.

Final Thoughts

One of the crucial decisions you will have to make is whether to settle for a spinning rod or a casting rod. With that in mind, do not be hasty to make this decision as most anglers will point you to the casting rod direction. For all fairness, this is because casting rods can handle heavier lures and lines.

That does not, however, mean that spinning rods are not capable. When you take everything into account, you will find that spinning rods are equally essential and also holds their place in fishing.
As earlier mentioned, there’s a lot to be considered before purchasing a spinning rod for bass fishing. Although most things are obvious, it is wise to take time and consider your choices wisely. I have handpicked some of the best spinning rods, some based on my experience over the years.

I hope after reading this text, you will at least have some knowledge or an idea of what works best for you. Hopefully, you are well aware of which features and factors are important in a rod.

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