10 Best Bug Net For Hammocks to Keep the Flies Away

Best Bug Net For Hammocks

Nothing is quite as relaxing and peaceful as getting wrapped up in a hammock in the woods and just taking in the sounds of the wild. Whether you are resting with a good book or just want to rest after a long day of hiking, nothing beats a good hammock.

What can instantly ruin even the most peaceful of hammocks however is the presence of pesky insects and mosquitoes. Sure, you could spray what seems like cans worth of mosquito spray and have the smell stick around for days, but there is a much easier solution: the bug net.

Countries where mosquitoes and dangerous insects are the norm have been using bug nets to prevent people from getting bit in bed and when in the home, so the bug net technology that has been working there was modified for use with a range of hammocks.

To help you find the right option for your hammock needs, we found 10 of the best bug net for hammocks that anyone can use. We want to give you all the information you need to make an informed purchase, so we will look at some things to look for like materials and size so you can see what differentiates each unit. Once we see what to look for, you can find our product comparison and reviews that paint a picture of what each hammock cover offers and who it may be good for.

  What Are The Best Bug Net For Hammocks?

  • ENO Guardian Bug Net

  • PYS Hammock Bug Net

  • Wecampture Hammock Bug Mosquito Net XL

  • Cushy Camper Hammock Bug Net

  • Roman Ventures Hammock Bug Net

  • Hammock Camping with Bug Net

  • FIRINER Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

  • ODSE Hammock Net

  • Covacure Camping Hammock

  • Peak & Co. Hammock Bug Net

Bug Net For Hammock Buyers Guide

Why you need a hammock bug net

Before getting into what a bug net offers for hammock users, we should first try to understand why you even need a hammock bug net in the first place. Finding the best hammock bug net for your needs starts with first understanding the importance of keeping yourself protected from bugs when using a hammock.

If you are out camping and want to take a quick nap or sleep under the stars in a hammock, you essentially have no protection from the wide array of bugs and pests that are found in the wilderness. Everything from mosquitoes to ticks and every other annoying insect in between all see you as the perfect snack just sitting there all exposed.

When you use a bug net with your hammock, you are essentially adding a personal shield to yourself that keeps the bugs away and off of your body. These nets are designed with very small holes so that even the smallest of insects are unable to get through the mesh. As a bonus, most of the mesh is small enough that you can still see through it just fine and still have all the protection you could want or need.

You might be saying to yourself that just sitting in your hammock for a few minutes to read or relax won’t give you any bites, but bugs are always waiting to strike a stationary target. With the rise in diseases being carried by mosquitoes and ticks increasing every day, the last thing you want is needing to go to the hospital for Lyme disease or Triple E, because you weren’t bothered to use the right protective elements.

The different Hammock bug net options

Just as hammocks can be set up nearly anywhere with relative ease, you can set up your hammock net just as if not more easily. These nets are very lightweight so you can carry them with the rest of your gear easily and they only have a few components that you need to set them up for good.

Setting up a bugnet for hammock usage can be a little different depending on the design you chose to work with. If you buy a net that is independent of the hammock itself, you will generally need two carabiners and some rope to attach it to the same point as the hammock. This will ensure full coverage of the hammock so that no bugs can get in and ruin your day. This design will cover the entire hammock with a net and often has some form of zipper or door mechanism so you can get in and out without needing to take apart the entire net.

A popular alternative to the independent bug net system is to look for a hammock with a bug net built into the unit itself. This is a great option if you are just starting to get out and explore the wilderness as you can just buy one unit and get on your way.

This style of the hammock can also be found as a double hammock with a bug net so that you can have more space for multiple campers. This design of net features a standard design hammock that will have some variety of netting on the top of it that you can zip open and closed to get in and out of with ease. You won’t have to worry about pests or setting up a net and hammock as these all in one unit make protected relaxing a breeze.

Important considerations

Coverage Area

The coverage area of a hammock bug net is what describes how large of an area the net can cover with its protection. You can find a wide array of shapes and sizes for different hammock designs with every hammock bug net being ideal for differently designed hammocks. Most hammock net coverings are designed to fit a number of different hammocks, so the main thing to look for is that the hammock net is at least as long as your hammock.

Getting a net for your hammock does not need to be a stressful process as you just need a net that is slightly larger than the hammock itself. Getting a larger net will give you greater flexibility in choosing how you want to set it up based on your location and setup. If you are looking to get a net for a larger hammock like a double, you will also need to take the width of the overall net into consideration as you will need a bigger net if you choose to use a double hammock.

Weight and Packing Size

You may not think that something as small as a big net can be a burden to carry when taking it camping, but having a lightweight kit makes the overall camping experience much easier to enjoy. Every net comes in at a different weight with some weight just a few ounces as others way upwards of a few pounds. This weight may not seem like much if you are just carrying them around on their own, but the added weight in your bag will feel like bricks after a while if you pack heavy.

The weight of a net is one factor that should be considered when setting up your kit, but the size it compacts down into also needs to be taken into consideration. It doesn’t matter if you have the world lightest cover if it takes up half of your bag space that you desperately needed for other gear. You can find certain nets that come with bags designed to compress and be even smaller, which is great when you really need to save every inch of space in your bag.

For those looking to get a hammock that has a net built-in, you can afford a little extra space and weight as you only need to carry the one thing. The combined weight of these units is generally pretty easy to carry and eliminates the space issue that arises when needing to carry a net and a hammock separately.

Netting material

The netting you opt for with your cover may seem like no big deal, but this is considered to be one of the most important categories you need to be aware of when picking the right net. The two most common materials used to cover a hammock net are a traditional mesh design and specially woven material commonly referred to as No-See-Um meshing.

The standard mesh netting you find on a number of hammock nets is designed specifically to keep larger insects like mosquitoes away from your hammock. This standard mesh design is usually not very tightly woven so that you can get a nice amount of breathability and cooling when using the mesh net. The primary downside to this mesh design is that the holes are designed to keep out larger insects, but some very small bugs can still potentially get through the barrier.

Since standard mesh is unable to keep out the smaller bugs, No-See-Um mesh was created to ensure that no bugs would get into the hammock area. This mesh is similar in design to traditional options but is much more tightly woven so that the gas between the fibers are much smaller. If your priority is to ensure that no bugs get into your hammock, this is the way to go. Whereas the traditional mesh design was great for getting a nice breeze in for cooling, the No-See-Um mesh allows less air in due to the tighter weaving that may cause the hammock to get a little warmer.

Take away: How to pick the best hammock bug net

How to pick the best hammock bug net

Bug Net For Hammocks Comparison Table

10 Best Bug Nets For Hammocks Review

Key Features

  • Surrounded in 950-square-inch mesh
  • Includes ridgeline to hang anywhere
  • Weight just 16 ounces for a large net
  • Pairs well with ENO hammocks for easy fits

The ENO Guardian is one of the most highly praised and sought after hammock nets in the entire industry. This net is large and offers all the coverage you could want or need to keep out bugs. The SkyWeave netting is specially designed to offer superior protection while also allowing for plenty of airflows. This unit is perfect for those who want a reliable and effective package.


  • Large Size
  • Lightweight for coverage area
  • Useful accessories


  • Can be bitten if net touches you
  • Restricting for movement

Key Features

  • Large size allows for free movement
  • Easy aces vertical zipper
  • Sets up in under 5 minutes
  • Breaks down into a small package

The PYS Hammock Bug Net is a great option for those looking for a net that offers more room than the competition. This unit is great for single hammock users who want to have some breathing room while still being protected. The comfort features like easy setup and a convenient zipper door mean you can set up this net and get in and out without a fuss.


  • Comfortable sizing
  • Multiple setup options
  • Great for backpacks


  • Support holes are open
  • Somewhat heavy

Key Features

  • No-See-Um protection
  • Dual-sided zipper for easy entrance and exit
  • The very easy setup process
  • Fits a wide array of hammocks

The Wecampture Hammock is going to be the way to go if you are looking for a No-See-Um proof hammock net. Keep out everything other than the air and relax in confidence knowing you’re not getting bit. The simple design allows this net to be set up in no time and the easy to use door means you can spend more time relaxing and less time trying to set the net up.


  • Great protection
  • Sets up in seconds
  • Excellent size


  • Not great included clips
  • Zipper can yank

Key Features

  • Zippers on both sides for universal usage
  • Great visibility mixed with protection
  • Great bug net for hammocks of larger size
  • Quality design and construction

Cushy Camper lives up to its name with this mesh covering that is perfect for those who need coverage without giving up any comfort. The zippers on each side of the net make getting in and out super easy and the design of the net allows it to be installed with ease. You can relax with ease knowing this net was designed in the USA and built to a very high standard.


  • Premium grade mesh
  • Easy access with zippers
  • Sets up easily


  • Somewhat short
  • Larger netting holes

Key Features

  • Interior loops for hanging lights
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Very spacious interior space
  • Included everything needed to set up the unit

If you are looking for a net with all the creature comforts you would ever want, this Roman Ventures net is for you. From cracking open a beer with the bottle opener to reading under the stars with the interior clip, this net gives you all the bells and whistles. The kit also comes with everything from carabiners to a large guy line so you can set up the net with confidence wherever you choose to take it.


  • Feature Packed
  • Hangs anywhere
  • Spacious


  • Zipper gap
  • Heavy

Key Features

  • All-in-one hammock and net
  • Breathable mesh and hammock
  • Saves space in the bag
  • Reduces pressure with design

When it comes to an innovative design, this hammock and net combo takes the cake. Save space and weight in your bag with this unit that combines a high-quality hammock and net in one. The hammock itself is designed with care as it has special patterns and material to keep pressure off the body for ultimate comfort. Rest easy and without fear of bugs all day with this dynamic combo.


  • Convenient design
  • Holds up to 660 pounds
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Narrow size
  • Somewhat unstable

Key Features

  • Perfect for camping in a hammock
  • Thick and durable construction
  • All necessary accessories included
  • Adaptable rainfly for different uses

For the person who wants to camp in their hammock, this FIRINER offering is all you need to sleep under the stars. Not only do you get a great hammock with a built-in mosquito net, but you get an added trap for the rainier months for maximum protection. High-quality mounts and carabiners give you the peace of mind to take and enjoy this comfortable package nearly anywhere.


  • All-in-one package
  • Superior protection
  • Very comfortable


  • Heavy with all components
  • Straps aren’t great

Key Features

  • Plenty of space for moving
  • Ideal size and weight for backpacking
  • Excellent quality mesh
  • Satisfaction guarantee

ODSE pleased a number of hammock lovers when they created this unit as it has some of the best interior space on any hammock net. Move about with ease and stay protected with a respectable mesh layer that keeps insects out while you have plenty of breathing space inside. Throw this on over a wide array of hammocks and feel the protection the instant you get through the door.


  • Large interior space
  • Super easy setup
  • Fine mesh protection


  • Some quality control issues
  • Somewhat fragile

Key Features

  • Great for a one-piece hammock experience
  • Supports up to 772 pounds
  • Sets up with just one rope
  • Perfect weight for backpacking trips

This all-in-one hammock from Covacure shows that resting in a hammock with mesh protection can be a piece of cake. Those who have messed around with hammocks and mesh pairings and want a one-step solution will love the ease of setting this unit up. The lightweight nature of this hammock and mesh combo shows that you can get out and enjoy the outdoors with plenty of protection.


  • Smart design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Fast set up


  • Weak straps
  • Bad bag

Key Features

  • Very easy to use and access
  • Perfect for No-See-Um protection
  • Fits a wide array of hammocks
  • Specially designed breathable technology

When dealing with No-See-Ums, you want a mesh net that gives you great protection with other useful features. Thankfully, this Peak & Co. net offers everything you need to keep the bugs away. Throw this lightweight net into a bag and get on your way to a protected and breathable hammock experience. Take in nature without it taking in you thanks to this great net. 


  • Substantial protection
  • Lightweight for the class
  • Excellent visibility for the protection


  • Imperfect stitching
  • Somewhat sensitive


Do you really need a hammock net?

If you have ever camped in the woods, then you are well aware of the annoyance caused by small bugs and insects. No matter how much spray you use or fire you light, they always seem to find a way to get at you and ruin your day. When you choose a hammock net to cover your hammock, you are essentially putting up a barrier between you and the insects. If you want to relax on your hammock without having to swat away bugs every few seconds, a bug net for hammock is a must.

How do you clean a hammock net?

Many people will use bug nets and mesh for many trips without realizing that you should clean them out between uses. Everything from dead bugs to leaves and grass can get stuck in between the mesh on a net and make it less effective over time. The key to effectively cleaning out a hammock net is to be gentle and thorough with the cleaning. The mesh construction is strong but using a harsh brush and not taking your time to clean the mesh could create large holes that make it ineffective at keeping bugs out. Patience and a soft touch are key to good net cleaning.

Can you make a hammock net?

With mesh netting being something you can readily buy for cheap, a number of campers have contemplated the notion of making their own hammock net. While in theory, this seems like a good idea, actually making a hammock net from scratch that works is very difficult. The hammock nets that you buy are specially designed to work with the lines and design of hammocks, so making your own will not provide nearly as much coverage or protection.

Wrap Up

The concept of a bug net for use when hammocking seems to be fairly straightforward, but there are a number of important considerations to keep in mind with any purchase. Choosing which netting is best for your needs and trying to find the perfect size net can all take a bit of work and investigation to get to the bottom of.

Every option we took a look at offers a unique experience for hammock users that will all find a perfect home with someone. If you are looking for a net that keeps the mosquitoes away, the ENO Guardian is one of your best bets. The Wecampture offering is a great option if you need a No-see-um option as it keeps out even the tiniest of bugs. No matter which cover you choose from, we hope our picks for the best bug nets for hammocks have at least one option that speaks to you.

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