10 Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks: Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks

There’s nothing quite like a cool and calm ocean breeze while doing your favorite sport in the best fishing kayak. Finding the best fishing kayak can be fun and exciting. It is a new step to getting closer to nature while staying comfortable on the ocean. Unlike a boat, ocean fishing kayaks allow you to float in the ocean close up. This way you can be right by nature. A kayak can provide enough comfortable space and relaxation to do exactly what you love: fishing.

Finding the right kayak for the ocean is much different than other kayaks. Especially for fishermen, it is important to look out for certain features when buying a new one or replacing your old one.

There are many different scenarios for example, will you be fishing mostly in the ocean or a stream? Or maybe you will be fishing in a lake for some bass? It is important to nail down your ideal location for fishing.

Additionally, there are two different types of popular kayaks, sit on top, and sit-in kayak. The greatest difference between the SOT and SIT kayaks is that SIT kayaks are shaped like a capsule you sit in. It features an enclosed design that helps you stay warmer comparted to SOT kayaks. However, SOT kayaks are much easier to navigate getting in and out of and stable compared to SIT.

It is important to also consider what width, length, and the type of climate you will be using the kayak in. All of these key factors will help you choose the right ocean fishing kayak for you.

Our Top Picks: Top Ocean Fishing Kayaks

  • Malibu Tandem Sit On Top XL Ocean Kayak

  • Bonafide SS107 Fishing Kayak

  • Lifetime Taramack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

  • Perception Sound 10.5 Sit Inside Fishing Kayak

  • Elkton Outdoors Steelhead Inflatable Fishing Kayak

  • Perception Pescador Pilot 12 Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

  • Elkton Outdoors Auklet Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

  • Old Town Top Water PDL Angler Kayak

  • FeelFree Moken 14 Angler Kayak

  • Old Town Loon 126 Angler Fishing Kayak

Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks Reviews

This sit on top kayak features the ultimate stability. What makes the Malibu Tandem kayak stand out is that it can fit all abilities and any shape or size. The XL brings the length of the kayak to just over 13 feet allowing for extra maneuvering room.

This kayak is ideal for those that have families and a pet that they would love to test the waters with. If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors and fishing with others, this kayak is ideal for you. The stability of the kayak ensures that even the squirmiest pets or little ones stay safe.

The maximum weight the tandem can hold is up to 500 pounds. It is a heavy duty tandem that is durable and can withstand use for many years. If anything were to happen, there is a limited lifetime warranty included in your purchase.

In regards to fishing, this kayak is stable and offers a generous amount of space in the middle to unhook and handle your fish. However, there are no fishing pole or fishing great that compliments this kayak. This kayak is definitely fit for a more casual fisher who plans to fish for only a few hours.


  • Stable and perfect for a few family members
  • XL space, perfect for all abilities and sizes
  • Has paddle holders, and screw in drain plate.
  • Features deck bungee for storage
  • Limited Lifetime warranty


  • No fishing pole holders
  • Not ideal for intense all-day fishing trips

In terms of total flexibility, the Bonafide SS107 allows your to fish from all angles. The hybrid catamaran design that is unique to this kayak allows for totally 360 degree maneuvering while on a kayak. There is no need to compromise stability for maneuverability because this fishing kayak does the trick.

This kayak is offers a comfortable seat for sitting and stability for standing while fishing. With a design in mind for all day fishermen, there is a junk drawer hidden for storage. Additionally, there are numerous spots to sit featuring their Perchpads on the gunwhales which is the side rim of the kayak.

The Bonafide SS107 features one seat and can hold up to 425 pounds. The length of the kayak is 10 feet 7 inches and weighs 67 pounds.

This fishing kayak is ideal for those who need extra storage space on their kayak and multiple anchoring points. Besides the hidden junk drawer feature, this kayak also features rod handling channels for multiple fishing poles at once.

This kayak can be anchored in shallow waters and rigging options for a motor if desired. Overall, this kayak is ideal for those who what a comfortable all in one simple fishing kayak.


  • Perch Pas on the gun whales for comfort
  • Easy sit to stand design
  • Stability to maneuver and fish from any direction
  • Multiple anchor points and ideal for shallow anchoring
  • Extra junk drawer storage space


  • No rig included for maneuvering
  • Smaller width compared to other ocean fishing kayaks

This Taramack fishing kayak is a great budget friendly ocean fishing kayak option. This one- seat kayak features boat like stability and 31-inch width. It is made of lightweight polyethylene. The polyethylene also is UV-protected which will reduce how much heat your kayak can attract and UV damage. This simple design offers two foot rests with multiple foot rest position options.

One of my favorite features about this fishing kayak is the polyethylene construction and storage space. The high density polyethylene is durable and can last for years to come. There are two different storage capsules that can ensure your items don’t get wet. There is a bungee cord on the front which can easily hold an extra bag or two. This kayak features wo fishing pole holders so you can up your chances for catching a bite.

This fishing kayak is ideal for those that need a simple fishing kayak but don’t want to skimp on quality. The base of this kayak ensures that it will last for many years. Besides, if there are any issues with the kayak there is a 5-year warranty to resolve any issues. This is a budget friendly kayak that also includes an option to buy a paddle included so you won’t have to buy one separately.


  • Durable high density polyethylene construction, UV protected
  • Budget friendly
  • Option to include a paddle
  • Two storage hatches
  • Padded, adjustable seat
  • Multiple foot rest positions and no need to manually adjust


  • Can only hold up to 275 pounds
  • Not suitable for standing

This high quality sit inside fishing kayak is perfectly compact. My favorite feature is the ergonomic zone seat that conforms to your body’s natural movement. It features two fish pole mounts for double the fishing action. The sit inside design can keep you warmer and more protected since it is enclosed.

The Tri keel hull is a useful feature on this kayak because it allows for ultimate stability and steering ability. There will be no way that you will tip in this compact fishing kayak.

The inside length is 56 inches and the boat length is 10 feet 6 inches. The width is smaller than most other kayaks but this offers a lighter weight more compact design. The maximum capacity is 335 pounds. As a relatively easy transportable kayak, it weighs in at 46 pounds which is much less than many other single kayaks. There are front and back handles which are molded into the design of the boat. There will be no issues with straps breaking off due to this design.

There is a unique molded in dashboard which allows for you to set items such as your phone or wallet. In terms of a compact and durable fishing kayak, this is a great option.

This kayak is ideal for those who are looking to stay closer to shore, where there won’t be much water wake. This kayak is stable however, it is not meant for massive wakes. This kayak does not include an anchor.


  • Compact design, there are no bells and complicated to maintain whistles
  • Two pole mounts
  • Molded-in handles and dashboard
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Affordable compared to others
  • Sit-in design to keep warmer


  • Can’t stand up in it comfortably
  • Not very wide, only 29 inches wide

For those that are looking for an easy way to transport and store their fishing kayak, this one is the answer. The Elkton Outdoors Steelhead inflatable kayak offers stability and fishing features but the convenience of an inflatable.

As an inflatable kayak, it includes a pump, travel backpack and paddles for an all in one purchase. At 12 feet and 6 inches long, the kayak is made of durable laminated PVC to withstand rough waters. There are two drop in adjustable foot rests and 2 padded seats for comfort. There is also an option for a single kayak if desired.

One of the fascinating features of this kayak is its numerous ports for fishing poles. This kaya features 5 ports for you to rest your fishing pole. This increases your odds of catching an incredible fish by a whole lot. This works great while fishing in the ocean, as it can handle salt water which not all inflatable kayaks can.

There is cargo storage in the front and back as well as bungee storage. There are plenty of mounts for you to utilize featuring downriggers, pole mounts and bait trays. This is the ultimate inflatable ocean fishing kayak.


  • Inflatable, easy to transport and lightweight
  • Available in tandem and single
  • Can hold up to 600 pounds in the tandem style and 400 pounds in the single
  • Includes pump and foldable paddles
  • Solid floor allows for stand casting
  • Relatively inexpensive for a fishing kayak


  • Lack of maneuverability and stability, not able to freely move as much
  • Could possibly rip or break quicker than standard kayaks
  • Must blow up and take down every time, difficult to dry

This large and in charge 12 foot 5 inch ocean fishing kayak is perfect for the more serious fisherman. This kayak features an array of accessories perfect for those looking to spend all day out on the water.

Overall, the design of this kayak is a Sit On Top fishing kayak which means the chair is not located in an enclosed space. The seat is located in the open air on top of the kayak.

One interesting aspect is the pedal performance so there is no need for a paddle. This can be ideal for fisherman sine they are dealing with their poles constantly. The pedals allow for a small motor to move which is very convenient for slowly cruising the coast line.

This kayak is the serious fisherman’s dream, featuring 4 pole mounts, gear tracks and fish-finder dashboards. It is totally possible to stand and fish and you won’t end up in the water. The center is spacious and maneuverable from all angles.

Comfort is key to long days out on the water. Spending a day on the water with the Perception Pescador Pilot, is a breeze. The chair is removable if need be, and has cooling mesh design. The mesh allows for your back to breathe while being supported. The seat is able to slide forward and back wards as you’d like.


  • Pedal motor, no paddle required for a hands free experience
  • 4 pole mounts
  • Breathable, mesh chair that is comfortable and adjustable
  • Lots of storage for gear and buckets in the front, back and sides of the kayak.
  • Plenty of width at 33 inches


  • Heavy and large, weighs about 85 pounds and is 12 feet long
  • Expensive, not budget friendly

Featuring easy steering and maneuverability, the Elktons sit on top kayak is outfitted for slow cruising y the coast line. This kayak is an ideal kayak for choppy ocean waters and coastlines. The pedals allow for cutting through choppy waters if need be. The pedals are located just under the rudder and allow for some speed.

The high back seat allows for support and comfort for long days or nights on the water. There is one hatch for sealed dry storage to keep your belongings dry. Additionally, there s bungee cord storage located in the back.

There is a rudder located at the back of the kayak in order to steer and maneuver easily during your fishing trips. This rudder can be controlled by the pedals in the front of the kayak. Maybe you don’t want to use the rudder, then it is no problem. To accommodate, it can easily lift up with no hassle.

The Elkton Auklet 100 is made of ultra durable rotomold, and has a center platform for ice chests. It weighs about 55 pounds and can have 1 person and up to 300 pounds. Ideally, someone who needs a reliable and durable fishing kayak to pedal through rougher waters, this one is for you. The rudder will allow you to navigate the waters deeper than the coastline.


  • Controllable rudder with pedals
  • Sit on top, stable for standing
  • Dry storage
  • High back seat
  • 4 pole mounts


  • Relatively small, only 10 feet long
  • No pedals for moving, only for steering
  • No paddle mount

For a hands free fishing experience, the Old town top water is a reliable choice. This ocean fishing kayak company has a long history and expertise in producing angler kayaks. Old town is the worlds oldest kayak and canoe company, and they have been reinventing and innovating water gear for years.

The superior stable double hull design is ideal for those that need stand up space to maneuver when fishing. There are pedals located at the front of the kayak. These are convenient for hands free fishing, there is no need to finagle with a paddle and a fishing pole.

The deck features EVA pads for traction and reducing the occurrence of an accidental slip. Additionally, you can add your favorite fish finder easily at the front end of the kayak. There is mount that is headache free and quick to use to install a fish finder.

The seat is comfortable and is mesh designed. This allows for a breathable fabric and for air to circulate. Additionally, it is easy to adjust and clean.

The Old Town Top Water PDL fishing kayak is perfect for those who are planning on catching bigger fish due to its stability. There is plenty of platform space available to handle a bigger fish.


  • Pedal system, hands free fishing
  • Very stable, wide at 33.5 inches
  • Can hold up to 500 pounds
  • Mesh comfortable chair
  • Plenty of fishing accessories


  • Expensive
  • No paddle included

This fishing kayak allows for a customizable fishing experience. The adjustable foot rest and ability to add several accessories is a useful feature of the FeelFree Moken 14. It comes with several camo colored options so you can choose the color that you prefer the most.

There are wheels that allow for easy transport when taking and maneuvering from one place to another. Additionally, there are handles on the front of the kayak as well as the sides. Transporting this kayak is a breeze and you won’t have to break much of a sweat. Sturdy and fail-proof mold in handles are guaranteed to never break.

If you’d like you can store your rods inside your kayak for easy access. This angler kayak features two-rod holders for multiple poles at once. The design of the kayak is sit on top, allowing for you to easily rest on top of the kayak. There are 46 inches of leg room and is a long kayak coming in at 14 feet. It can hold up to 430 pounds.

This kayak is ideal for someone on the go, that treks often with their kayak. The wheels and handles make it one of the best ocean kayaks for transporting. The customizable experience with the multiple camo colors is a plus to show your personality.


  • Wheel at the back for easy transport
  • Mold-in Handles on every side of the kayak
  • Several camo colors to choose from


  • Long, coming in at 14 feet long. This can be difficult to fit on top of your car.
  • Weights 79 pounds, quite heavy compared to others
  • The seat is not adjustable

This kayak offers ultimate comfort with easy grip thigh pads which create one comfortable cock pit. The sleek design is great for carving through water. The Old Town Loon 126 Angler is a sit in kayak and is more advanced than most sit in angle kayaks.

It features rod holders and an anchor to mount yourself wherever you need at any time. There is a convenient paddle clip so when you aren’t using your paddle, it doesn’t get in the way.

The work deck is removable, which means you can customize how you want to utilize space. The work deck also includes a USB so you can charge your phone or electronic. This way you know you won’t get lost and can always have a working phone for photos as well.

 The kayak can accommodate for 450 pounds and checks in at 12 feet long. The width of the angler is a moderate 31 inches and the weight is 60 pounds.

All in all, this angler kayak is perfect for those who are more recreational fishers. It is suitable for those who plan to fish for only a few hours rather than long trips on the ocean.


  • USB Port for charging
  • Paddle clip for paddle storage while fishing
  • Anchor leverage system and anchor included


  • No paddle included
  • Not as stable as other Old town designs due to the sit inside design

Ocean Fishing Kayak Buying Guide: What to Look Out For

Ocean Fishing Kayak

When you are looking online for a kayak, it is important to consider a few specific feature. Here are a few tips and tricks about what to look out for.

Sit on top vs. Sit in

There are two main different types of kayaks. The first type that we will discuss is sit on top (SOT). The name is relatively self-explanatory but let’s dive in.

In the 1970’s a man named Tim Niemier invented the very first sit on top kayak. His goal was to create something convenient for offshore diving as well as for fishing. His invention proved to be very popular around the world and it changed the way people saw kayaks.

Sit on top kayaks are very convenient for fishing because they offer greater maneuverability like a boat does. However, a kayak doesn’t require a motor what so ever. The sit on top kayak became a great way to fish.

Whereas, the original style kayak which is a sit in kayak was pretty popular right from the get go. Native American tribes of North America invented the kayak and they have been used for hundreds of years. They proved to be great tools for shore line examination of animals and wildlife.

Sit in kayaks are a great choice for those who enjoy the nature and relaxation more than the actual intense fishing itself. For example, if you are someone that would prefer to relax and throw out a line every night near the ocean shore then a sit in kayak would be a perfectly great option.

Choosing between the two gives different benefits for each type of fisherman. A sit in kayak is typically less expensive than a sit on top. Sit in kayaks are much more user friendly than the more complex sit on but it ultimately depends which brand you choose.

Inflatable vs. Regular Polyethylene Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks are a relatively new invention in the kayak market. There are many benefits to inflatable kayaks such as their ability to deflate and transport easily.

In terms of which one is better, original kayaks or inflatable, it really depends on your lifestyle. In terms of fishing, an inflatable kayak can be sufficient. However, they can tend to be a little bit less stable than original hard shell kayaks.

Although inflatable fishing kayaks may not sound like a durable option, they actually are quite durable. Inflatable kayaks are actually quite durable for what it is worth. They tend to not be as flimsy as others think. There is usually a double layer of reinforced plastic that takes a punch to really puncture it.

It is important to know if you would prefer a more compactable type of kayak like an inflatable one or if you’d prefer the traditional. Inflatable kayaks sometimes come with pumps but not always.

The best reason to get an inflatable kayak is for storage. Especially, if you are someone that lives in a small apartment complex, storing an inflatable kayak will be much easier.

Besides storage, regular kayaks are your best bet for long term durability. This will ensure that no matter what kind of weather or terrain you go through your kayak will last years on end.

Pedaling System

There is a new version of a kayak that is convenient and interesting. This is the pedal system. In general, a pedal system on a kayak will take away the need for a traditional paddle. This means that there is no use for maintaining, handling or using a paddle.

Pedal systems on kayaks allow for a convenient hands free experience which is especially nice when fishing. Usually, there are two foot pedals at the front of the kayak and these pedals run a motor below the kayak or they maneuver a rudder (or sometimes both).

When fishing, this can be very convenient and may even seem ideal. However, be careful, because this new innovative design comes with a hefty price tag. Often times kayaks that have pedal systems can come at a pricey cost at almost hundreds of dollars more than traditional ones.

The ideal fisherman that might prefer a pedal powered kayak over a traditional one would be someone who likes to move while they have their line out. This method is called trolling and is ideal alone coastal lines and shores. This can help attract fish and help you figure out where the best bites are.

A pedal powered ocean kayak may also control the rudder and not have any sort of propeller. This is convenient if you would prefer to not always be using a lot of energy steering your kayak manually. The pedal rudder systems are a great way for more experienced fishermen to steer effortlessly.

Size and Weight

Another important factor is the size and weight of the kayak. In terms of these features, size and weight can change your experience while fishing and transporting your kayak.

If you are someone that already lives near the ocean, then you may not have to consider transportation as much. Where as if you travel to the ocean and must transport your kayak on a trailer or car, size and weight can make or break your experience.

It is important to understand what weight you can manage while carrying, this way you won’t have troubles transporting it. Additionally, lifting the kayak in and out of the water can be tricky but one that you can manage is ideal and make the process smoother.

The most important factor, especially for fishing kayaks is the width. The larger the width the greater the stability.  When you are fishing and more precisely if you have many different boxes, tools and poles, then it might be better to have a wider kayak.


Now we are going to explore some frequently asked questions about how to choose the best ocean fishing kayak.

best fishing kayak

Can all fishing kayaks work for the ocean?

The short answer is no. Technically there are some kayaks that have pedals and motors that can’t withstand the strength of the salt water. It is not recommended that you assume that all fishing kayaks can be used in the ocean.

However, there is relatively minor damage to general fishing kayaks if used in the ocean. The kinds of kayaks that are always suggested to be used in the ocean are stable, sit on top kayaks. This is because they won’t fill up with water like sit in kayaks. So, if you flip over off shore, you won’t have issues getting it flipped back over safely.

What is the most stable type of kayak?

The most stable type of kayak is one that is wide. Usually, tandem kayaks are the most stable type of kayaks. This is because they are longer and are holding down a bit more weight. Generally, it is important to look for wide kayaks that have a bigger center to them.

Which ocean fishing kayak is safer, sit in kayaks or sit on top?

Both kayaks are relatively safe, if they are wide. The biggest difference between these two is that if you were to capsize, a sit on top kayak may be easier to get back on.

Sit on top kayaks generally don’t have a risk of filling up like sit in kayaks. When you are off the shore line, this is not the time to be struggling trying to get back in your kayak. A sit on top kayak may be more ideal for kids or less experienced kayakers. Where as a sit in ocean kayak is best for more experienced kayakers.

If you choose to pick a sit in kayak, then note that you want one that can drain easily even if you capsize. This can be the make or break difference when you are flipped over in the ocean.

Sit in kayaks are great for casual kayaking and one or two pole fishing off the shore line. However, if you are in a busier area, a sit on top kayak may be your best bet.


Fishing in the ocean is an amazing hobby that is exciting and rewarding. Finding the right ocean fishing kayak can be overwhelming, but this guide helps narrow down what you should be focusing on.

My top pick for the best overall ocean fishing kayak is the Old Town Water PDL Angler kayak. This one offers pedaling power and stability as well as durability. They have a rich history of creating some of the best kayaks for years and their fishing kayaks are trustworthy and a great investment.

Additionally, it is the most comfortable fishing kayak with its mesh adjustable seat. If this one is a bit out of your price range, my budget-friendly pick is the Feel Free Moken 14. This kayak offers a variety of color styles and offers many great basic accessories for the price. 

The best lightweight kayak would have to be Elkton Steelhead Inflatable kayak. This kayak can be transported easily and includes a pump for easy blowup and takedown. After it is blown up, it only weighs 44 pounds.

Overall, finding the right ocean fishing kayak is an exciting new step to start or continue your love of fishing. There are many factors to consider, but it is important to focus on which ocean fishing kayak will best suit you and your fishing lifestyle.

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